Calendars and Clocks  

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Calendars and Clocks

Calendars and Clocks

Invariably, calendars and clocks are an integral part of our lives.

They measure and memorialize...keep us synchronized...and almost every facet of our daily lives are dependent on them.

Recently, we associated that day's date, and fondly recalled the first day we met.

The exchange of thoughts and memories of that first day made me realize that over the span of time that has brought us to today, calendars and clocks had been a very active part of our relationship.

When we had consciously realized that the incidental times we would say hello to one another…exchanged brief conversations, by chance...and had moments together, were something that we both enjoyed and looked forward to, the calendars and clocks made us more aware of when we could have more of them.

Whenever we would share our time together, we both came to realize that the minutes and hours we’d spend together, talking, laughing, and sharing our lives through conversations, would literally fly by.

We began to expand our time together, plan it in advance, wherever and whenever we could...but still, it flew by.

The minutes became hours...hours became days...days became weeks, then months.

Our relationship now held memorable moments of our time together.

When our individual feelings and emotions became clear, we communicated them to each other. We’ll both always associate the time and date when we first told one another, “I love you.”

We often look a time when that day’s conversation or occurrence is topical to our present day's...smiling, as we fondly recall and discuss then.

The minutes, hours, days, and months, have now become years.

Just this week, we dusted off our wedding video to show to a special friend. Even though it’s been a few years now, those memories, and the happiness of that day, for both of us, are as if it was only yesterday.

Looking back, since we’ve been together, and each and every day since...our happiness is so much more than either of us could have possibly ever thought or imagined was possible...that the wonderful life we share, is truly timeless.

I’ve stated it to my wife several times during our life together...”calendars and clocks, though useful and good, really aren't a part of our love for each other. Sure, we remember the past...we can recall those events that were very special to us both...mark the calendar as the years go by...and marvel at how time flies. But whether looking back...enjoying the moment today...or looking ahead to the future...our love, is timeless.” beyond...

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