A Night Out With The Boys  

pragmaticCTcpl 63M/51F
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4/13/2006 4:38 am

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A Night Out With The Boys

A man was approached by a co-worker at lunch who invited him out for a few beers after work. The man said that his wife would never go for it, that she does not allow him to go drinking with the guys after work. The co-worker suggested a way to overcome that problem: "When you get home tonight, sneak into the house, slide down under the sheets, gently pull down your wife's panties, and give her oral sex. Women love it, and believe me, she'll never mention that you were out late with the boys."

So after work, the man agreed to try it, and went out and enjoyed himself. Late that night, he sneaked into his house, slid down under the sheets, gently slid down his wife's panties, and gave her oral sex. She moaned and groaned with pleasure, but after a little while, he realized he had to take a leak, so he told her he'd be right back, got out of bed and walked down the hall to the bathroom. When he opened the door and went in, he was very surprised to see his wife sitting on the toilet.

"How did you get in here so fast?" he asked.

"Shhhhh!!!" she replied, "You'll wake-up my mother!"

firestarter665 44M/40F

4/13/2006 5:48 am


That's a great way to get on the mother in laws good side!

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 4/14/2006 8:06 am:
Most guys would say that their mother-in-law's don't have a good side..!

rm_rareview 42F
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4/13/2006 5:54 am

very funny

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 4/14/2006 8:07 am:

rm_OrlandswolrD 76M

4/13/2006 9:01 am

jajajaja!! good one!!

What a confusion!! I wonder want would happen next morning in breakfast time...

Anyway she didnt give him a speach for arriving late!! I guess he worked her right there in the toilet,ohh man!! what a kinky night...

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 4/14/2006 8:10 am:
The mother-in-law probably had a very big "cat-that-ate-the-canary" smile on her face...even if there wasn't any conversation..!

TheRealThing655 49F
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4/13/2006 9:18 am

Oh MY!!! Very funny.

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 4/14/2006 8:11 am:
Thank you. {=}

rm_DarknStar 55F
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4/13/2006 6:15 pm


more like ewewew

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 4/14/2006 8:12 am:
Makes you think about leaving the lights on...!

elysianpleasure 49M

4/13/2006 9:03 pm

Ok that was bad... now I have this terrible mental image in my mind... get it out... get it out!!!!

pragmaticCTcpl replies on 4/14/2006 8:15 am:
Oedipus complex..????

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