Perceptions suck!  

potbelliedman 42M
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6/11/2006 8:15 pm

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Perceptions suck!

You've got yours, I've got mine, but perception is always something that sucks. It's hard to get others to see your point if they have no way of looking at things from other perspectives and it's best to leave those blind fucks alone.
I live in a world where the way things are and the way things are supposed to be are two different issues. My perception allows me to realize my place as a cog in the machine I drive, (meaning work.) and as a person, but I feel that I am often let down by my views on life. I mean whats the point? We all eat, shit, sleep, fuck and die. Do we truly live? Or do we just mimic those who came before us?
What sets us apart from our family, friends and other folks is often our perception on the world and isssues around us.
The reasons why I think perceptions suck is because they can change from time to time showing just how wonderful a smoke and mirror trick life is.
When I was a kid I was told that there was a God, but that there was no magic. There was an Easter Bunny, but no hobgoblins in my closet.
I thought the world was a cool place, but then I caught mom stuffing the Christmas stocking (Which was better then when I caught my step dad stuffing her.)No Santa? No Toothfariy? Next I suppose that your gonna tell me not everything on TV is real?
So what happened? Perceptions changed. I had scales fall from my eyes and lil sparks of alternative theory to life began to burn like glowing embers in Hell's fireplace.
I still change my perceptions on a regular basis. New bits of news, or information can change the way I feel or think I feel about someone, someplace or sometime.
I have never bloged before, I had a perception that it is a waste of time, but find that venting here is enjoyable.
Maybe I will do more some time.

rm_atta_girl 46F
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6/11/2006 8:53 pm

go at it, good points good read ATTA

rm_witchamunga 59F
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10/16/2006 12:51 am

Ken I loved Santa and the Easter Bunny. I even loved it more when I got to be Santa and the Easter Bunny. Do you have any idea how hard it is to climb up on the roof of a two story house in the dead of winter, to ring some cheesey reindeer bells and make a bunch of noise on the roof. Well I tell you it sucked but watching the kids peek out their windows was well worth the effort. Being the Easter Bunny took me back to my childhood mudpie days. Making rabbit prints in the middle of the night in early spring when we still sometimes have snow, was to say the least a little tricky. I loved the lie's! I also enjoyed being part of the fable in my own children's lives. If it weren't for those magic moments, I don't think my children would have had the great imaginations that they had as children and as adults.


Sorry to shit on your parade, Merry Christmas and Happy Easter Always,
Donna lol

potbelliedman replies on 10/17/2006 8:29 pm:
Donna, you always make me smile.
Just warn me if you are coming to my place to climb the roof.
In Kansas we all pack pistols, LOL.

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