Warm Rainy Days  

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4/24/2006 4:57 am

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Warm Rainy Days

Warm rainy days make me so horney. My mind drifts back to an experience I once had while working.

While working a computer problem I asked for the assistance of one of my co-workers, instead of sitting down in a chair beside me, she knelt on the floor next to me.

I subconciously became arousedbecause she was right there, somehow I never noticed her huge round tits that usually did not show because of her loose fitting tops she wore.

She moved her hair back over her shoulder on the side where I was sitting, she could not miss the hard on I had growing down my leg.

We were both becoming so aroused we almost forgot the client we were helping, I swung my chair around to face her as we hung up with the client.

Being the end cubicle, no one usually bothered me, so when I faced her, her eyes glued to my now erect cock, pushing out against the fabric on my slacks, her hands trailing up my legs, capping themselves on my zipper.

She deftly, unhooked the zipper and lowered her warm lucious lips over the crown of my crimson head, sucking lightly at first, then more wantonly, I had my hads in her hair thrusting my cock deep in her throat.

After a few minutes, not wanting to break the current movements, I brought her head up to kiss her, then sit her down in my chair, opening her skirt I found no panties, wasting no time I spread her legs so I could suck her wet lips.

As I applied pressure to the tip of her clit she clamped down on me with her legs, shuddering to a climax, lapping quickly I brought her to another while savoring her sweet juices.

Sliding from the chair she slide down on to my still ridge cock, swallowing it whole within her silky warm pussy.

Kissing passionately, we fucked ourselves to a rousing climax, lifting her free of my cock, lapping her juices, then sharing a passionate kiss with our juices mingling in our mouths.

Undoubtly one of the most interesting afternoons I have ever had at work....

popeye_bd 61M

4/25/2006 3:53 am

Mari you can come to er..work anytime you'd like..wait till you sample the fringe benefits...

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