There Goes MzHuny!  

popartist46 71M
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6/15/2006 9:17 am

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11/26/2006 6:57 am

There Goes MzHuny!

There goes MZHUNY
In her sexy sheer top;
See her cute little bra?
I'm an old Titty-cop!

I'm a Titty-Inspector-
You know-I have to taste;
But I promise you,dear,
Won't let you go to waste!

So let down your blouse,
Let me unhook your bra;
I will fondle your titties,
Get you in the raw;

Then I'll nuzzle your niblets;
I'll suck 'em and then,
I will scrunch 'em together
And lick 'em again!

cherokeekid52 65M

11/22/2006 4:41 am

Pop, in case you didn't know, I'm MZHuny's man, would appreciate your comments be that of respect, not desire. Thanks

popartist46 71M

11/26/2006 6:57 am

My comment?

Be true to your lady,
And I'll be true to MINE.
I do not seek to take
What I cannot have gracefully;
Nor do I disrespect YOU
Or those that love you.

This was just a little ditty
About a titty;
Disrespect ME?
More's the PITY!

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