He came and now he is gone.....  

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8/26/2006 2:59 am

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He came and now he is gone.....

My dear fren has left but we had great fun while he was here and I was glad that we were able to live out some of the great times we used to share even after 10 years later....
I missed his laughter and his endearing smile and re-living the good old days....and hope that one day we will be able to meet again....
This is what he sent when he returned home..... and I wana share it with you


Ten hours on the silver bird
Should've had jet lag
But when there's music to be heard
Sleeping's not my bag

Landed on a Tuesday night
Greeted by a vision
Radiating joy and light
(I'd made the right decision)

She kissed away my winter blues
Looked so hot and pretty
We slipped into our dancing shoes
And made for Raffles City

A hint of fireworks in the air
Bras Basah "macet"
I let her lure me to the lair
Of her sexy champagne set

An oldie in New Asia
Embraced with open arms
Like Mickey in 'Fantasia'
I was spellbound by her charms

The disco beat excited
But, really, nothing beats a band
And so I was invited
To join them in One Night Stand

My hostess and her magic pals
Just love to dance Latino
And soon these hot and Spicy Gals
Were sparkling like their vino

Awake for 20-over hours
Just when I should be yawning
I joined these sexy salsa flowers
And danced into the morning

From then, the days and nights just flew
But I felt truly blessed
Because, ladies, thanks to you
I had fun INXS!

They treated me so very well
Singapore's Fab Foursome
Baby,Gina, Tanya & Jenny
You're simply f***ing AWESOME!

Thank you so much for the fun, the Jumbo dinner, the show ticket, the chauffeur service and the send-off.

Luv ya forever!

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