Why He is The Man of My Dreams  

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8/26/2006 10:33 pm

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Why He is The Man of My Dreams

When I wrote my initial profile for Poledancer on AdultFriendFinder I included some of the things I looked for in a man and how I wanted the man I chose to make me feel. Most were pretty basic, ie chemistry, appearance, etc. I said I wanted a man who could take my breath away when he walked into a room, one who had fire in his eyes for me, one who could make my eyes turn london blue. There are; however, things that I look for in a man that I did not mention but would like to elaborate on here, especially since my man has them all and I want to brag on him a little. LOL.

Where else would we begin except his pole? I have always been honest in that it takes an exceptional endowment to get me off. Never have I blown any sunshine up anyone's skirt about that. Truth is, only once in my whole life before I met my baby has a man ever made me climax with his pole. The ladies will know and understand that it feels completely different than having one through external stimulation. (Y'all men just sit back and scratch your heads and say, "Yeah, uh...okay.") My man didn't blow any sunshine either as he is blessed, no lie.
The first time I took it out of his pants I couldn't wait to taste him and it's been that way ever since. Makes me proud and it's not even mine. Can't imagine walking around in this world as a man with such a big one and not being cocky as hell! But my man, no he is honest but humble. Don't get me wrong, he is fully aware of the effect he has when he slides into me all rock hard and he loves it. He won't tell you different. But he's not all cocky and stuck on himself about it. I've climaxed while he held me close, kissing me and pumping into me slowly and lovingly. I've shattered into pieces after he's rocked me hard and fast. Yep, he's the man.
He's the man I've searched for all my life.

But he's the man for so many other reasons...
He makes me feel alive because he has shown me that I can still dream of love, happiness and the possiblility of sharing a life with that special someone who consumes my thoughts and clouds my mind with visions of times shared together. He is the man because he cares enough about me to always go out of his way to make me feel special, when I know I am average at best. He has the uncanny ability to say just what I need him to say, do just what I need him to do. He shares his life with me...he loves me.
He's the man because he's not afraid to let me see it, and isn't threatened by it. He is strong and would protect me from any threat and I feel safe in his arms.

I love this man so intensely that it consumes my every thought, my every action. I suppose you might say it is because of the way he makes me feel when he makes love to me, the way my heart skips a beat when he looks at me, that I melt when he kisses me and get dizzy...all of these things. When you think about it though, he is able to have this effect on me because he is the man he is. He is everything in a man that I ever wanted. And for me, it's the man, not the act.

And I lose more of my heart to him each day.

poledancerandnut 54M/54F
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8/26/2006 11:04 pm

well wow a post about me well I knew I was alright but never figured I was that good woohooo.. LOL well I am a humble man and I am not all that I am just a cowboy who has put alot of time into learnin about me. My parents did the rest and my love for u well that is what u bring out in me>> Love u

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