The Pole at Home  

poledancer1963 54F
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6/22/2006 4:22 pm

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The Pole at Home

When I became a dancer, I really concentrated on the pole. Afterall, the pole is your stage, not the floor beneath it. So, I ordered a portable stage thru Platinum Stages. It was so cool to have a place to workout and practice at home and you have to admit, not many women have their own stage with an eight foot pole. We moved it from our home state when we came here and put it up in our apartment. I would workout on the stage and practice climbing and hanging upside down. (I realized real quick that you had to have some serious upper arm strength to do that!) I would dance for the hubby and he enjoyed that alot. The pole was just a normal part of my life.

When the hubby had his second heart attack and the paramedics came, I just sat down on the corner of the stage because it was closeby. They would look at him, look at the stage and then look at me, like, damn no wonder he's having heart attacks! What a ridiculous situation to be in. That's one of those moments when a lady is not so proud of having a stage. It's similiar to when the pastor of your church visits - that kind of moment. Wanna get away?

So, I was the cause of the first two attacks. After the third one the doctor shook his finger at us and said "No Excitement!". That meant, no pole dancing. It also meant nothing else.

When we moved from the apartment and into the house the stage was put in the garage. I've asked for it to be set up and was told a flat,"No." When I asked a second time I was told to "Ask my son to do it." OK. That's the end of that, I guess. A poledancer can lose her pole in any number of ways. The thing about it is that I never really wanted to be a poledancer in the first place. On the other hand, I used to love it when Sapphire danced a kick ass set that had them out of their seats and gathered around the stage. Two different parts of me. One the wife and mother. The other a hot lil' babe that can make a man get off by dancing for him - And enjoys it!

I still hope to get the pole up here at home.
The one with the stage.

Satyr48 69M
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6/22/2006 5:35 pm

You've got visions dancing through my head...
I'm sure you were spectacular and well worth the heart attacks... I wouldn't mind you trying to give ME one...

Hopefully, to paraphrase an old saying..

You can take the woman off of the pole, but you can't take the pole out of the woman...

Pleasing women in unbelievable ways for 45 years...
You could be next...

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