my own little blog... 'ain't' I spayshal! :-D (special stream of consciousness edition)  

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8/22/2006 5:12 pm

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my own little blog... 'ain't' I spayshal! :-D (special stream of consciousness edition)

Well, I am not sure exactly sure what to write here. It isn't like I don't have blog experience acuz I do. It would be nice to direct to my other blog but the kind folks here would likely have a fit. No, they have RSS feeds, so I could direct to my 'nilla blog - but that would likely cause me fits. So, that in mind as this is where I am venting my sensual and romantic side, maybe I could write about my sensual and romantic ideas. Hmmm well, some of that is on my other blog. :: deep sigh ::

I took a look at other guys profiles to see what people write about themselves. I got a few ideas, and may indeed amend my profile at some point based on what I saw. Hopefully, though, it will be apparent that what I wrote was basic and sincere. I mean, why put all sorts of effort into glossing over stuff? Be the best one can, but why gloss over the imperfections? Doesn't all the pitch and hype come to start sounding the same eventually? It didn't take too long for it to appear that way to me. Then again, I could just be cynical? Jaded? Nahhh not me, I am happy and fun loving, which while the truth, that happy and fun loving is also tempered by a huge dose of realism. Pragmatic sexual liberty - whatta concept! Not too mention that I have difficulty pitching myself as though I am a used car. Classic though I may be, ::raised eyebrow:: I'mma me, and while I try to be the best me I can, I still have my faults. And I hope that whom ever I may or may not find here will also have faults. Gawd, I hope she has faults or I am gonna feel like a real slacker when it comes to personal development and spiritual evolution and all that jazz. But most importantly its in the meeting place of all of our faults where we can find a huge degree of fun as we poke fun at ourselves, or is that poke each other for fun... I dunno. Can you tell this is starting to become stream of consciousness writing?

I saw one question in a profile title where the person was asking "why am I here". For the briefest of moments I thought that perhaps I was about to receive enlightenment. That important, cosmically resounding question, had been asked... click here for the answer! And so, still in the moment, I clicked... and for the answer to "why am I here" my browser opened up to a huge picture of a penis. ::blink blink:: Hmmm. ::tapping foot:: ::clearing throat:: Well, still in the moment of cosmic anticipation - okay it was a damned long moment; haven't you ever seen those in the emovies where a moment of cosmic importance becomes suspended? It was one of those! So, there I was, still in the moment, and the flood of possibilities washed over me. Maybe, the answer to the question is that we are here to get f**ked. Hmmm no, homey don't play dat particular way. Maybe the answer is that we are here to propagate the species. Gawd I hope there is more to it than that! Maybe, we are here, experiencing this illusion we call reality, to learn - how to...what? Then the moment bubble burst... finally... and I remembered why most of us are here.

Now, in my case, it was quite strange. No, not me, why I ended up here. I got home late from work, which has become the norm since the empty nest thing occured. I was sitting here horny...errrr... befuddled at the lack of companionship in my life. Yeah, thats it, befuddled... It was really late, and I had worked like 18 hours straight. I was sitting here reading my very vanilla email from my very vanilla friends, who I love deeply despite their vanillaness. All of a sudden out of nowhere about a dozen Hells Angels appear behind me in my kitchen! And they said, and I quote, "if you know whats gud fer ya, you'll join AdultFriendFinder man". Then they grumbled about my only having Guinness in the fridge. So, what could I do but join! Then once I started signing up they disappeared. LIke I said, it was very strange. ::innocent look:: Y'all aren't buying into that for one minute are you?

::deep sigh::

Okay, here is the deal. I am here to make friends with folks, maybe meet someone with whom to decide to be companions of some sort, maybe share some ideals on sensuality, share some of my romantic stuff, get some ideas as well, discuss philosophy - the Tao of Sexual Liberty hmmm, chill, hang, etc.

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