Yes! And here is the deal. (a few answers)  

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Yes! And here is the deal. (a few answers)

acuz you know there is one ::soft smile:: ::winking at you::

Yes, that is a kilt I am wearing. I do renn-faires and Scottish Highlands games.

No - I don't toss the kaber. But I do like really smooth single malt scotch. In moderation of course.

As for what is sure to be question about my "bondage and discipline" inclusion into my profile....

Yes. There came a point when I had to dig deep for every one of my reserves of strength. I overcame. I also dug deep into the bowels of self-discovery and realized that I am a dominant.

No - being dominant doesn't mean that I have to be dominant in every relationship. Relationships vary, and while I could not be a sub, I can meet and grow as equals.

Yes, I have tied a lover up. I have even blindfolded her. ::gasp:: Lemme run a sensuous scene past ya. When you can't see your other senses pick up the slack, touch, smell and hearing become enhanced. Now imagine having been blindfolded, and having various textures carressing your body. You don't know what is going to happen next, what feeling you are going to feel, and everything you do feel is enhanced. First silk, is carressing your flesh, the rabbit fur (no not the whole rabbit that would be perverted!), then maybe burlap, or a feather. These textures move softly across your face, your breasts and especially that sensitive underpart of your breasts, your tummy, your inner thigh... always teasing and prolonging till you cannot take it anymore. Imagine not realizing when a mouth filled with ice was going to start licking your most sensitive parts. And the feeling becomes even more intense because you can't move, your ability to move has been restrained. I have only ever blindfolded, restrained, or even spanked someone who wanted to be. For them it worked, and because it worked for them it worked for me... PS. As an author I turn some pretty good stories on occasion; stories that can manifest in really intense role play episodes. Not too mention that I think I look pretty good in my black BDU,s and highly polished boots, ready to interogate the prisoner. ::not so innocent look::

"geez (my real name), is that a flog in your pants or are you just happy to see me?" For the answer to that question and many more, stay tuned...or better yet, write me. ::soft smile::

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