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9/1/2006 8:24 am

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Things I Love

I love my kids. I love my mother and father. I love breakfast for dinner. I love old Pontiac cars. I love wood and brass, in decorations and in instruments. I love hugging. I love lobster. I love deep conversations. I love intricate and detailed workmanship. I love using my mind to solve mysteries. I love working with my hands. I love philosophy. I love hugging. I love flea markets, and trains. I love thunder and the sound of rain on a tin roof. I love the sound of wind rustling leaves. I love when leaves are red and yellow. I love the feel of the waves of the ocean crashing against me. I love washing and brushing my lovers hair. I love hugging. I love working on my land in the woods. I love developing green friendly, off-grid approaches to the amenities in life out there. I love musicals, Excalibur in particular. I like fishing. I love softly tracing the curvatures of her face, of her neck, of her. I love peanuts in my Pepsi Cola. I love reading a good book on history, or philosophy, of historical or futuristic sci-fi. I love live comedy acts. I love feeling her breathe deeply as her heart beats next to mine. I love looking into her eyes. I love the colors black and purple and deep blue. I love animals especially horses. I love my dog Fheargus. I love Guinness Stout. I love all things Gaelic. I love Highland Games and Ren-Faires. I love hearing her sing. I love hot, steamy, scented bubble baths with candles. I love candle lit dinners. I love chocolate shakes, Ritter Sport half bitters, and real Moncheries. I love ethnic faires and county fairs and concerts. I love hugging. I love writing and reciting poetry for her. My most prized possession is my library. I love to flirt and act innocent, I love subtle double entendre. I love irony. I love growing my garden. I love orchids and day lillies. I love watermelon, and pizza, and RC Cola. I love snuggling together on a cold winter's day, blankets piled high and sleeping spoon fashion with arms and legs wrapped around me. I love big fat pillows and candles. I love working on my old clunker pickup truck. I love exploring backwoods roads and towns in my Jeep. I love kids. I love Victorian bed and breakfasts. I love old houses with 10 foot ceilings and a great big porch with a swing just made for sitting in and drinking sweet tea. I love Classical music, Classic Rock, Blues, and most Country. I love to go to the movies. I love tear jerker and futuristic adventure movies. I love lying on the beach and soaking up the sun. I love riding in the country with the windows rolled down. I love looking deep into her eyes. As the 'cuddle bunny from hell', I love cuddling, spooning and being spooned. I love fall evenings and winter nights and summer mornings and spring days. I love liminal times and places. I love candle light and incense during intimate moments. I love camp fires and somores. I love my friends most of whom have been friends for more than 20 years. I love the sound of laughing children. I love strawberry and pumpkin pies. I love massages (both giving and receiving). I love long, slow, wet kisses that last forever (although I can't take credit for that line, it's from a Kevin Costner film, Bull Durham.) I love making love with she withwhom I am in love with. I love wading in creeks. I love playing online on my computer and talking to friends all over the world. I love babies. I love the way they smell, all baby powdery. I love the way they lay their head on my shoulder and snuggle until they fall asleep. I love to dance. There is nothing better than slow dancing with someone you love to a really wonderful slow song (like Garth Brooks, "The Dance".) Looking into my partner's eyes and tracing a finger down their cheek to the corner of their mouth, and placing a soft kiss there. I love throwing a blanket down in the middle of a field and doing nothing but laying there and watching the clouds. I love inhaling her, getting lost in the scent of her hair, or her person, or her. I love to people watch. I love hugging, I love life.

I haven't met her yet... but someday... in the mean time I would like to do those things anyway.

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