Five Original Poems  

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8/22/2006 7:16 pm
Five Original Poems

wherefore didst go ye

wherefore didst go ye
fleeing before me
whyfore hast thine wonder prevailed in leaving
me dry and parched

and which was your name
who from my youth did I love a time
forsaking all in the rapture and unthinkingly
walking away
untold paths
incalculable distances
incredible heat
thirst for thine embrace
aching in the emptiness
of your absence

here I sit pondering, lusting
for the draught that renews
your love beckons me
I knowest not where
a pilgrim bearing
mine heart as a gift

a voice echoeth just out of focus
an infectious laugh tinkling brightly
in the foggy distance yonder
a voice I know but do not
from a place not yet visited
seeking and not finding thee.

You Are

You are the sunrise o're the mountain,
You are the moon's sparkling fountain,
You are the birds song in the mid-day,
At night your are she for whom I pray.

Stark lonely dreams betray my every thought
In the darkness beside you are sought,
Hands searchin reaching out in vain,
Thirsting for your voice's sweet refrain

But alas, I look and find you not,
and there is no more but silence
raging echoes in solitude burning
the ice cold black and blue radiance
of the empty heart that has bled dry
as so many crushed leaves of autumn
dried and withered tinder
torched in the shadows
in the evening between times.

And I pray for you with even more ferver,
That the sacred waters of your love
Someday will refresh me
(if I ever find you)

Dance of the Falcons

Looking across the smoke clouded field of honor
The light wind softly parts the acrid wisps
Of the pungent miasma which engulfs the scene.
Residue of battles never far enough distant
From scarred spirits seeking fight or flight.

In those brief interludes between total occlusion
Faces peer across the battle torn void and see a far
That which causes their mortal hearts to beat faster.
Each instinctively knowing how that the other feels
Such hope and such fear both stark and overwhelming.

Does he know that she is a queen amonst her peoples
Has she determined how he is a chieftain amongst his own
Two strong people warily moving closer across the void.
Is it the legacies of battles past alone which haunts them
Two strangers who stand strongly against the tides.

May the falcons fare well plying easily against the breeze
As if this thing mattered most and as if all else mattered more
Than the prey below a hazardous gift of nurturing sustenance.
Caring and love set out like a banquet for the taking
If they but do not too quick seek lonesome flight away.

Like a Dark Eyed Irish Lass

Ragged, the proud flag is buffeted by the icey gales
My emotion stitched together only by worn thread.
Once bright and cheary tis now bare gray and stained
Long a symbol of things proud and strong; a standard
Hopefilled that the promise of peace shall not elude again.

The loving waters of Spirit moves across the All;
Can you open your senses and feel it encompass
Ye who seeks fulfillment like a dark eyed Irish
Lass who washes her face in the dew of Bealtinna?
Longing for all the good that life has to offer.

What is freedom without someone withwhom to share it
Even the warmest of nights are oh so cold when alone.
Letting her behold my hungry longing gaze would she
Run away putting distance between for what is felt?
Or would she sing and embrace me, we lying on the heather.

Shall I trust that a kind Spirit has sent you a friend
Before but foes crossed the path with drawn sword.
Questions of safety weigh though the walls come down
And you are inside me with but a word and hope raises
Ramparts strong to the world but you are within and safe.

Kith and kin are precious and I would honor you and they
Would you ride with me gently holding you as precious?
Only so long as you gave leave, your freedom treasured
And always safe within my dunn even when when not close at hand?
Feeling the warmth of a friend true and knowing good still is.

Stations In Life

How many times did I walk by never seeing
Or for proprieties sake did take to fleeing
But now things are such as here is sit
Pondering it all, now, I'd not give a whit.

Tis the look in her eyes that would rise the flame
The love in her heart that would give the true fame
Her touch on my cheek that would bring the dear calm
Her pure soul to mine melded is spirits healing balm

To hell with courts and treasures galore
Though a chieftain I'll take my place on the floor
If she were but here where her laughter I'd hear
I'd not overlook again for loss of her I fear
And seeing her I know....

copyright 2006, me, all rights reserved

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