The Best Monday in a long time  

plsplush37 49F
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8/14/2006 1:19 pm
The Best Monday in a long time

I woke up earlier than usual , today being my last day of Vacation , I thought I might sleep in but my dogs (real animals) needed out.
Made my coffee , as I sat and yawned a few times taking in the fresh brewed aroma of the coffee , I began wondering if "" would call .
I poured my first cup of coffee , started to read a book " Reclaiming your Sex Life" , when
like out of a good daydream , he pulls into my drive-way , my pussy was so ready for him today.
I didn't get to see him on Friday , he was busy.
He fucked me good in my bed . I licked his asshole, I had never done it before(to him) , He didn't like it . Said it didn't do much for him.
He is so fucking gorgeous , I can't beleive I get to play with this Sexy Man.He is very well hung as well as can fuck for ever . He definetly knows what he is doing.And does it well for my pussy.
He said he had things at home he needed to get done , I suggested I could come help him and my daughter and her B.F. could come as well, my daughter had been wanting to show off his nice place.
There is a really cool creek near their that she had been wanting to walk but didn't want to go alone , with her sweetie with her it would make it more fun.

I vacuumed his whole house while he went out with the kids to show off his prize winning garden.
They eventually took off and left him to play with his Veggies.
We all seemed to come together again , he fixed us all Lunch .We ate , Then the teens sat down to play with his new Big Screen TV and we took off to the play room for some more Fuck Time .

I orgasmed so many times I lost count , he has learned my body signs well and after I have one he will slow down , and then somehow knows just the right time to pick up speed , thrusts and down right pounding me with his cock as I am screaming " Oh my God this feels so fuckin'good , Oh don't Stop , Damn Baby you are so fuckin' Good , I can't beleive this , Ohhhh , you son of a Bitch , you fuck so god damn good, I'm cumming don't stop " He will demand I cream , I can't quiet get that yet , but am working on it.
What a MAN ...
He won't let me keep him , I have to share with others .
He gives it to me so well , I don't complain.

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