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plsplush37 49F
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9/9/2006 10:35 am
Public Libraries

I wonder how many of these people around me are Sex maniacs?
I look at some of them and wonder. you just can't be sure of what they do after they leave this place .haha

I am a little bored today .
A bit of an upset stomach, or I would be playing today , had two men show an interest in me already today. That is always nice .This Big Gal really appreciates that.

I should call one of them just to say Hi . Maybe he will read this and know I am thinking of him.
Doubt it though.
I don't ever remember seeing him on my recent member view list.
but if he does " freak" you know who you are. I wasn't awake enough to answer my phone this morning , then had to get up and get things moving at home .And for the rest of you wondering "freak" is a part of his handle , I am not calling him names

Well bloggers , I am gonna hit the road now .
Be Good , Save me some ...

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