Mid Year Review  

pleasure4us54 63M  
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6/6/2006 2:19 pm
Mid Year Review

Hello friends, and other avid readers...

It's been interesting the past 5 months... I'll give it that.

I have met some lovely guys and gals. All who have indulged me; well, maybe we indulged each other.

My friends, Johns x2... we had some serious fun 1 night the 3 of us.

I will tell you, though, I am terribly disappointed in the general attitude of most of the people here. I know it is difficult for a lot of people to actually follow through on their fantasy. They just can't bring themselves to do the face2face. You know, a little honesty goes a long way.

If you decide you don't want to play, have the decency and courtesy to let a person know. Nothing worse than waiting around and nothing going on... just let us know, we can move on...and find some one who DOES want to play.

It's all about being a cool person.

Having said that, there are also some folks who need to learn some rudimentary communication skills. Look, if you can't say write more than a few words, if you can't 'seduce' me with words, you aren't likely to stimulate me when we're together.

That's my little rant, my tirade...

I do hope, though, you've had an equally exciting and beneficial few months.

Maybe we'll meet sometime...

Take care!

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