Adventures Of A Lust Technician  

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6/18/2005 4:20 pm

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Adventures Of A Lust Technician

As I enter the room I can see the woman I have come for waiting for me on the bed that I have shared many times before, but not with this lady of adventure. It isn't our bed, it is room 52 of the local Travel Inn. The receptionist knows me by name but the women I bring are all strangers to her and sometimes to me too.

This woman waits dressed in a lacy soft pink nightie. It isn't anything special, unlike the contents, which draws me to move closer to the bed.

I sit beside her and caress her knee running my hand along her inner thigh and pause to take in the shiver that has just run down her back. I love it when my motions bring a sense of pleasure to the beauties I share my room with. Her hand curls around my shoulder and draws my head to her neck which I kiss tenderly.

She pulls away and eases back onto the bed, smiling in anticipation of my touch once more. I stand before her and ease the shirt over my head and drop it on the room floor before bending forward to tug at the waist band of her knickers. Buttocks slightly raised they roll round the gentle curves of her slender figure and are discarded with the other clothes on the room floor.

A gentle tug on her ankles brings her forward to the edge of the bed which gifts me a glimpse of the cleanly shaven area that I must explore. I too am cleanly shaved as my tongue explores her inner thigh occassionally pausing to deliver a fluttering of kisses to the delicate areas. My hands have ventured across her tummy to seek out the soft breasts that first attracted me to this woman. The nipples rise at my touch and I feel her draw a heavy breath as my tongue flicks across her mound teasing the entrance. Her heat fills me with a need to bring her waves of pleasure and the first orgasm draws nearer as I roll her nipples between thumb and forefinger and run my tongue along each lip sensing a tensening of the pelvic muscles I plunge my face deeper into the pleasure centre and herald the first orgasm............

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