The Gift  

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The Gift

Susan was a very horny widow whose husband had never satisfied her during their long marriage. After he passed away, she began to search online and meet men for sexual pleasure and excitement. One day she met a man who would change her world forever. Scott found her in a chat room, and they began IMing back and forth for days until the sexual tension came to a head and they decided to meet at a local motel.

This stranger Susan was meeting gave detailed instructions on what she must wear and what to expect, and she made sure to follow them exactly. When Susan got to the motel, she went directly to room 214 and found a blindfold hanging on the door knob. She put it on as instructed, and knocked twice on the door. She was led inside and instructed to stand still with hands behind her back, and she willingly complied. Feeling very nervous she felt soft hands touching her arm, then she heard a voice say, “Slowly unbutton her blouse.” Susan was very nervous but excited as the unseen person unbuttoned her shirt and started sliding it off her. Then Scott ordered the third person to remove Susan’s bra and to pull down the short denim skirt. Susan stood there with her clean shaved pussy exposed along with her huge breasts, shivering from both cold and anticipation.

After a few minutes, Scott told the other person to play with Susan, and she felt small hands rubbing, caressing, and tugging at her breasts. She could sense the pressure as her nipples hardened instantly. The soft hands moved down across her stomach and brushed against Susan’s soaked pussy, and she gasped from the touch. Then she felt something cold, and realized the person was putting her hands in handcuffs and leading her to the bed. She was laid across Scott's lap, and he informed her that she was a very bad little girl who needed to be spanked. He commanded that Susan’s ass be spanked, hard enough to make it hot and pink. With every smack across her ass cheeks Susan would cringe and almost cry, yet at the same time she could feel her pussy dripping wet. She could feel Scott's cock hard and throbbing underneath her belly, arousing her even further.

Suddenly Susan felt those soft fingers spreading her ass cheeks apart and gently stroking her tight hole. Susan was moaning and gasping and then felt a wet tongue in her ass, sliding in deep. She groaned with an odd mixture of pleasure and slight discomfort. After a few minutes, Robert got up and placed Susan flat on the bed on her back, tying her legs to the bed spread eagle. Susan could feel hands sliding up her thigh stopping to begin exploring her hot, soaked pussy. Fingers spread apart her soft pussy lips, and a mouth quickly began sucking on Susan’s clit extremely hard and insistent, nearly driving her over the edge.

In a loud, demanding voice, Scott ordered Susan to open wide as he shoved his huge eight-inch cock in her mouth. He forced her to swallow it entirely, completely down to the base, where his soft pubic hair tickled Susan’s nose. He shoved himself in deep, fucking her mouth hard; while at the same time, the mysterious third person continued sucking, biting, and pulling on her swollen clit and using a huge vibrator to fuck her dripping wet pussy. Within a few minutes’ Susan felt herself surrendering her body over to a strong, powerful orgasm. She was cumming all over the third’s face, which spurred the person to suck and lick Susan even harder.

Scott withdrew his hard cock from Susan’s mouth and decided it was time to fuck her hard and quickly, thrusting deeply, aroused by her moaning and begging for more. Susan was barely able to register the command when Scott demanded she stick out her tongue as far as possible. At that moment the urge to take off the blindfold was urgent, yet she was helpless with her hands restrained behind her. Susan could sense that Scott had moved his upper body some, and then suddenly she felt a body lowering onto her face. Susan was beyond surprised when she realized that her tongue was licking a soaking wet pussy. The other woman grinded her pussy on Susan's face forcing her to eat her and taste her juices. Scott began ordering Susan to “lick that pussy, you bad little girl” and “you better make her cum in your mouth or you’ll be here until you do.” Susan found herself urged on to please Scott and licked, nibbled, and sucked on that pussy until the woman was moaning and crying out that she was cumming, and filling Susan’s mouth with copious amounts of cum. Scott slammed his cock in Susan’s pussy deep a couple more strokes then pulled out and ordered Susan to suck her own cum off his cock, which she did, of course, like any good little girl would. Susan was a good cocksucker and Scott began shooting his precious cum deep into her throat as she used her mouth to suck him hard.

As Susan’s breathing began to slow to a normal pace, she heard soft whispering in the background. The hotel room door quietly opened and the bright sun blinded Susan for a second or two. She knew that she went off into an altered state of consciousness and loved the warm and loving feelings of floating in space. Within a few minutes, Susan felt Scott climb into the bed and snuggle up to her still quivering body. He held her close and told her how much he loved and cherished her. His tender hands caressed her body and she could feel his love through his fingertips. Her eyes felt heavy and she struggled to stay awake, but the demands on her body took control and claimed her. He, too, claimed her . . . the last thing she heard was his soft sweet voice saying, “I always come back” . . .

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