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Other Ideas

After a long, tiring day at work, you get to your truck and unlock the door. As you get in, you notice an envelope on the seat beside you. You recognize my handwriting on the envelope and a smile comes to your face. You see it's an envelope from a swanky downtown hotel. On the outside is written a room number, a time, and my signature ~~V~~. You open the envelope to find confetti and a card key. Your smile gets wider. Thinking you have just enough time to get home, showered, shaved, and dressed before the appointed time, you head out of the parking lot feeling rejuvenated by the anticipation.

You show up at the door of the indicated room a couple minutes ahead of time looking very handsome in your blue jeans, the designer shirt I bought for you, and freshly shaven except for your mustache (which was one of the things that attracted me to you in the first place). You use your card key only to have the interior latch prevent your entrance. You playfully call out my name and stick your tongue through the crack and make a come hither motion. You're pleasantly surprised when you find your tongue being sucked on slightly by my warm lips. I release your tongue and you step back slightly allowing me to release the latch. I'm standing behind the door as you enter to shield myself from any onlookers that may be in the hall.

As I shut the door, you appreciate my new purchase: a black lacy negligee cover-up that does little to cover a barely there black lace crotchless teddy with black garters holding up the sheerest black stockings you've ever seen. The seam of the hose rising from my clear 3 inch sandals up the back of my calves and thighs make them that much sexier. As I saunter slowly, sexily up to you, your erection is pressing against the jeans uncomfortably as you slide off your shoes. I give you a naughty grin as I unsnap your jeans and slowly move you toward the bed. As you unhurriedly remove my lacy cover-up, I rub my erect lace-covered nipples against your shirt as I slowly move your zipper down to release your ever rising cock.

I slowly slide down your body as I remove your jeans and briefs in one move. I take my time moving back up your body, licking, sucking, and nibbling as I go. I conspicuously avoid your throbbing cock and slowly go up your stomach and chest lifting off your shirt. You try to pull me on top of you but I shake my head slowly and grin sexily. I reach to the bedside table and pour some warm massage oil into my hands. I slowly massage your neck, your shoulders, your chest, all the while following my hands with my lips. As I continue lower, you move my head toward your throbbing cock. Instead of taking your cock into my hot, moist mouth like you'd hoped, I hold your hands and pull you gently up on your knees. I then stretch out on my back with my head between your knees. I raise my head and slowly start licking, sucking, and caressing your balls. You groan slightly and lean forward so you can avail yourself of the hot, silky cream that's between my thighs. As your tongue licks the juices oozing from my pussy, I continue to lavish my attention on your glorious sacks. Your licking and nibbling my thighs and pussy have me close to the edge.

A deliciously erotic thought comes to me and I reach down to my pussy. You suck on my fingers as my thumb massages the opening of my cunt becoming covered with my sweet juice. As I bring my hand back toward your balls and my mouth, I pause to get some of your precum on my finger. My touch against your soft, throbbing cockhead makes you grunt in enjoyment. I place my finger in my mouth enjoying your manly sweet taste. After briefly sucking your fluid from my finger, I continue to your balls. This time, as the caressing rejoins the tongue bath your balls are getting, I slowly rub my cunt juiced covered thumb all over your now stiff penis. You groan and slightly thrust your hips as you continue to lash my sweet sex with your tongue. I slowly grasp the base of your cock and firmly squeeze.. As I'm doing this, you start to suck on my erect clit. I can feel the sweat dripping off your body and hear the low guttural moan building that is a sure sign you're getting ready to come.

In one fell swoop I swallow your lovely eight inches deep into my throat. I use my mouth to create a suction while you yank and grasp my hair and fuck my mouth. Your cock jerks slightly, slips out of my mouth, and erupts in a glorious stream of hot, sticky cum. As it gushes out to cover my neck, breasts, and stomach, you suck harder on my clit. I can't hold back any more and let out a scream of ecstasy as my cum spurts out my pussy onto your face.

Spent, you briefly collapse on top of me before rolling onto your back. Your belly and thighs are glistening with some of the cum and sweat that had just been adorning my body. We lay there breathing hard, covered in each others sweat and cum. After a few minutes, I rise up on my knees. You briefly open eyes that are gleaming with sexy satisfaction to see what I'm up to. I slowly unsnap the garters and remove the cum covered teddy and drop it to the floor. I then take my finger and start running it through the cum on my body then bringing to my lips. The fire in your eyes leaps but you slowly shake your head because you haven't had enough time to recover. However....I have other ideas...

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