Happy Birthday!  

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10/18/2005 8:58 pm

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Happy Birthday!

It was an especially dark and cloudy early morning when you quietly lay beside me...you listen to my measured breathing...feel the soft rise and fall of my chest...feel my body warmth surrounding your senses...and you calmly doze off into a light sleep of your own...

I wait till you are nearing sleep...and I ever so gently...sneak out of the bed...

You are calmed...feeling safe and comfortable in our bed...dozing off as a light rain falls outside our window...you feel the coolness of the hand that gently caresses your soft cock...then allow yourself to fall in a more relaxed trance...that place between sleep and wakefulness...the magic place of possibilities...

And I watch, hidden from your view...peeking around the wall in the dressing area of our room. Watch as the woman I've arranged to be here, with a cat-like presence, as she continues to stroke and caress your manhood. Waking it up...her hand pulling up the entire length of your cock...grasping the girth with a firmness that causes you to become fully erect.

She looks over her shoulder at me and she sees the sparkle of arousal in my eyes. She knows that my stomach muscles have contracted with a forbidden lust. Watching another woman arouse my man. She knows that the wetness between my legs is hot and sweet. She knows how I tingle with excitement, furtively watching you respond to this stranger's touch.

The room is still very dark...and still...you do not know this touch is not mine. Your body reacts to her motions, as it is very similar to the way I caress you under our sheets. You release that quiet groan of pleasure I cherish and delight in hearing.

She grasps your balls close to your body with her other hand, gently, but firmly kneading them, rolling them between her fingers. One hand is slowly, but with a determined motion, stroking your cock up to its full hardness, a full and hard erection...the head dark and infused with excitement.

And still you do not know. Do you know how dry my mouth is with sexual arousal? How I long to rush across and throw myself upon your prone body? Impaling myself upon your huge cock?

Your eyes remain closed...and you have become near to ejaculation. Her hand moves up and down, and teasingly squeezes the tip, rubbing against that sweet spot with a light motion. You are close to exploding...and I am lightheaded watching...still watching...

Your eyes clench closed as moans escape your throat...and she masturbates you to orgasm...her hand griping the length of your cock as you explode in the air...cum arching and releasing free...

She slips off the bed as you reach out, while I climb in to replace her...your hand caresses my head...

And still you do not know.

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