a phone call ....  

playfulmind2006 61F
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3/19/2006 9:15 pm

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1/16/2008 7:08 pm

a phone call ....

you tell me where you are, waiting ...
that you've left the door slightly opened

walking into that darkened room i always seem to find you in...
waiting for me
for us
my coat, discarded as i reach you
i swing one leg over yours, spread wide onto your lap to sit as close to you as possible
my small hands reach to cup your handsome face for the first of countless kisses that will cover us both
i taste, feel your arousal immediate as mine, throughout your body
your hardening cock pressing against me, teasing me, telling me, reminding me of what i have been missing since we were last together...
our clothes fall away, melt in the heat we're creating..
we have such skin hunger ...
this ravenousness desire we feed each other
that doesn't seem to be quenched even with exhaustion ...
i just want more of you
your mouth, lips, tongue kissing licking sucking me into orgasmic wantonness ...
to feel you push, press into me with your grand oh, so ever hard cock
to fuck me slow, fast, long and hard ...
your amazing hands everywhere at once,
caressing, touching, squeezing,
kneading, pinching, probing, probing....
pushing me farther, higher until i fall over the edge again....again....again..
and i just want more of you

give me more....

give me you ....

rm_anacortes 75M
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3/19/2006 11:02 pm

Tell us about your most favorite sexual fantasy. Don't hold back!
I have the power. You don't. Shut up. Enjoy it.

THIS SOUNDS LIKE THE TANTRIC ROAD TO NIRVANA...AAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa such wonderful thoughts.

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