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5/28/2006 12:10 am

My husband happened to be cheating on me with a woman named Clare. Well I hated him anyway, but Clare was HOT! She and him happened to be watching the same movie I was, and when he got up to leave the theatre, I reached up and fondled her breast. She turned around and kissed me full force on the lips. I told her that Travis would always think I was better in bed, and she said let's see about that.

I was still holding on to her breast, which by the way was a 38D, and she got up and let me to the projection room. She sat down on the office chair legs spread wide, her beautifully pussy longing to be eaten. I dove right in licking and sucking and fingering. I felt her come multiple times.

While I was enjoying eating her snatch, I couldn't help but want some attention of my own. As if he had read my mind, my husband, who must have been watching, came over, ripped my pants off, and stuck his huge 9 1/2 inch cock deep inside me. He fucked me slow then quick, then he stopped and stayed inside me (which I love).

Clare's pussy kept begging for more, so I reached down and took Travis's hand and shoved his fingers in there too. He and I were both fingering her sweet pussy. Suddenly Travis started fucking me more, this time hard and fast, as fast as I had ever been fucked.

I pulled my lips off of Clare and demanded she get up so I could sit down. She quickly did as told. I laid there and felt Travis lick my pussy and Clare was fingering my snatch. I was loving it. I came all over his face and her hand and then I told her that I wanted her to eat me, and OH MY GOD! As soon as her sweet tongue touched me I was in heaven! While she was doing this I sucked Travis's sweet cock!

I told him that I thought Clare needed to be taught a lesson and he knew I wanted him to fuck her so hard and fast that his massive cock would terrorize her pussy. He did that and he let me shove my fingers in his mouth. We all came unison! And I hoped that we would be able to do it again.

He moved back in with me a few days later, and she moved in too. Well, she has since left him, but he and I are still married and we have threesomes at least once a week. THAT IS A MARRIAGE!

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