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7/11/2006 2:43 am

Some friends invited me to join them on New Year's Eve for dinner and dancing. It's about a four hour drive to meet up with them, but good friends are worth it. I had to work on New Year's Day so I knew that I couldn't drink much and that I would have to make the long drive home in the middle of the night. The evening went very well, the dinner was great, the dancing was fun and with all the girl talk and such it was no time before everyone was caught up with what everyone was doing. It was getting late and I regretfully had to leave and get back home so I could catch an hour or two of sleep before heading into work. I left right from the dining establishment so I didn't bother or have a chance to change back into my driving clothes.
I started getting tired shortly into the drive and needed something to keep me awake. I tried driving with the window open, singing to the radio, but nothing was working too well. I then decided that if I fingered myself that I wouldn't have a chance to fall asleep so I pulled up my skirt and put a hand down my panties and started to play with my clit. This started to feel really good but I needed more access. I pulled off my panties (not an easy feat while driving but not impossible) and threw them on the passenger seat. With my skirt hiked up this gave me full access to my pussy and I had a good time playing with myself. My goal wasn't to orgasm, just to keep myself awake, so I fingered and played on and off, keeping myself on edge so I wouldn't have a chance to fall asleep.
I was half way home and was passing a service center when I realized that I needed some gas. I pulled into the gas pumps and asked the cute 20-something year old attendant to fill the tank. He asked if I wanted my windshield washed and I agreed. He started to clean the windshield and I didn't notice until he was almost done that he had a larger than normal smile on his face. That is when I realized that even though I tugged my skirt back down a little before entering into the gas station I guess I didn't pull it down far enough and he had a clear view of my wet pussy through the windshield. Looking over to the passenger seat I could see that my panties were sitting there in clear view as well. Feeling a little embarrassed, and I didn't want to make it look like I knew he was getting a free view, I didn't try and hide anything and just waited patiently for him to finish cleaning my windshield and pumping my gas.
After getting back on the road, all I could think about was this gas attendant looking at my exposed pussy through the windshield. Now I needed to cum and putting it off until I made it home was not an option. I pulled over on the side of the road and started seriously fingering my pussy. I was getting frustrated (in more than one way) until I looked and took notice of the gear shifter. Normally I wouldn't have thought of using the shifter as a sexual device but I couldn't find ANYTHING else and I was frantic. I spun around on the front seats facing the back of the car and positioned myself over the shifter. I slowly lowered my pussy over the knob and down the shaft. I was surprised that it slid in so easily but I guess I was really wet from the earlier activities that there wasn't any resistance at all. Having the shifter shoved right up my pussy felt so unreal, so stiff, so foreign. I must have sat there with the shifter jammed up my pussy for about five minutes, just enjoying it totally filling me while I straddled it. It felt so amazing.
My body then started crawling with pleasure so I started to finger my clit and bouncing up and down on the gear shifter. All I could think of was the young gas jockey back at the station jerking off after seeing my exposed pussy. In no time I was writhing in pleasure, bucking on the gear shifter like there was no end. After the tidal wave of an orgasm subsided, I slump onto the seats with the shifter still inside me, quivering with aftershocks from my orgasm. A few minutes later I pulled myself off the shifter sat back into the drivers seat and tried to compose myself for the rest of the drive home while cleaning off the gear shifter. Needless to say, after my fun on the side of the road, I wasn't tired anymore and made it home in time for a short nap before work.


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