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i had been with my boyfriend for just over a year. I felt happy with my situation, although sex was slowly going downhill, as I have a very high demand. I would never have thought of going elsewhere. We did have fun together, like when we took a trip to Amsterdam, we went into a peep show together and looking at this woman was making us both very randy. I got to my knees and sucked his cock. This was the kind of fun we used to have together.

Ever since that trip I can not stop thinking about the woman I saw. I started having dreams about a woman lying naked next to me and I was able to do what ever I wanted to them. Was this this my subconscious trying to tell me something? I had to find out!

My friends and I are very close, but I felt I couldn't get close to them in that way. I met up with an old school friend who I had not seen in a long time. We went out for lunch and started talking about the good old times. She kept touching me in ways that made me feel all tingly. I invited her back to my house and we went straight to my bedroom as my brother was making too much noise downstairs.

We sat on my bed looking at old pictures when she leaned in to look closer. I kissed her on the corner of her mouth, half expecting her to slap me. She looked at me then leaned in for another kiss. Before I knew it she slipped her tongue into my mouth. Her hand was on my shoulder, which she soon started to push so I was laying down on the bed. She unzipped my jeans and started pulling them off. I pulled off my thong and lay bare with my legs spread. It felt so cold and I could feel my nipples going hard.

She climbed on top of me and slowly unbuttoned my shirt, then she pulled me in and undid my bra, revealing my cold breasts. Lying me back down, she started running her fingertips over my nipples. They were erect with excitement when she started to lick them. She moved further down, kissing my belly when she got to my clit. She slowly licked my clit in upward motions. I lay there still, feeling myself getting wetter and wetter. She stuck two fingers in me while she still licked my clit. It got faster and faster until I came.

She stuck her tongue in my overly wet hole and licked round the edges. She came up and kissed me so I could taste myself. I felt good and could not stop shaking with excitement. Just then, the door burst open and my boyfriend walked in. I thought he would be disgusted and end it with me. He turned around and shut the door. He slowly undressed and the rest in history.

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Ummmm, I'm hard me! lol

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Coooool ...

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us24you see us longvew wa my grilfrind has had threesoms in her past.I would love to have one now!! maybe me and photo you could get her hot and horny so we all can have nasty fun email

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