playdate88 51M/45F
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5/5/2006 6:26 am

Here are some things I want to try,,if I don't get the chance to do some of these things,,I guess it will have to stay fantacy...
I really want to have a happyf; on happyf; experience,,I have to admit that I enjoy {=} ing my hubby after he has gone down on me,,the smell on his face makes me incredibly horny,,and makes me crave the taste of another woman I want to explore the pleasure of touching and tasting another woman while being watched ...That would be sooo HOT!!!! And to do a 69 with a woman would be incredible for me..
I would love to relax my guy by giving him a long shower,,,slowly massaging and washing him all over his body,,,then dry him off and lay him down on the bed and just relax him more and give him a full body massage,,then set the pillows up for him so he is totally comfortable,,put on a lesbian porn movie,,and kiss {=} him and make him uncontrolably hot,,,and then play with his ass @!@ and worship his cock,,so that I can finger fuck his ass,,,playing with his g-spot,,and make him cum ...\8 without touching his cock by giving his cock total attention and get him ready for one hell of and orgasm..They say it is possible to do that,,and I am determined to figure it out!!
I am going to write more,,it just would have been too long to write and read in one sitting..

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