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5/3/2006 1:27 pm

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I realize that many do not understand the concept of COCKWORSHIP \8 .It is more than just oral sex. COCKWORSHIP involves bringing intense pleasure...His pleasure happym; ...multiplying mine happyf; ..also... the feeling of submission.. The kneeling before him,, perhaps having him stand over me....also... add an intenely pleasurable aspect for me..The need I have to pleas and searve him,, it is the reward to the submissive for performing COCKWORSHIP with GRACE and BEAUTY.. The intense pleasure he recieves not only from my actions, but from my submission ...\8 ..

rm_cant_be_true 39M

5/3/2006 6:01 pm

that was just beautiful

Xtreme_Lust4u 71M

5/6/2006 1:06 pm

An abolutely wonderfull post . As a lifetime PT subby ,I've just within recent years at a late age had the experiences you describe .
Kneeling before the Master and doing my best to give him the ultimate pleasure . Glancing upward every so often and seeing him looking down upon me Appearing so overpowering to me . Has the effect of making me even more servantile . All while the Masters wife observes and offers occaisional comments . Then feeling him shudder and ejaculating his warm load of cum on my tounge . Then being directed by both to swish the cum it around in my mouth for them to see and swallow .

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