Your Ship  

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1/20/2006 9:24 am

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Your Ship

Did you ever sit and wonder
When will my ship come in,
Will it be as obvious to her
As the look she will know in him,
Will I see her in an instant,
Or will we start as friends,
Guess it doesn’t really matter how it starts
Just matters how it ends.

Then again the ending doesn’t really count
Because that is still tomorrow.
And time is never stand still,
We make it joy or sorrow.
You cannot relive yesterday
Tomorrow never arrives
Today you live to give your heart
to make a love that thrives

I see love is never taken
It is yielded from below
And when it is accepted
Both hearts are set aglow

You must believe in your heart
The ship will surely come
And make ready the acceptance
Not just hang out your tongue
Try not to be a jackass
Be a lady or a gent
It helps to have some life class
When your life’s love is finally sent.

The test is usually patience
And the testing zone is fine
Accept that the you’ll never see it said

If you are like the rest of us
You probably stumble through
So I’m praying that the ship of love
Docks in front of you

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