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8/25/2006 9:10 pm
what I want

I thought you might like to know that I want you to lie face down on my bed while I straddle your ass and start massaging your neck and shoulders. I want to use my strong hands to squeeze your muscles. After you start moaning softly, I will start working slowly down you back. I would squeeze little moans out of you until I got to your waist. Then, just as slowly as I came down your back, I will go up your back. This time though, I will be pushing your shirt up as I go. When I get to your bra, I will pause to undue it and toss it aside. I will continue all the way up to you neck and get your shirt over you head. It will get tossed at your bra. I will go slowly all the way down your neck, shoulders, and back slowly again. This time no hands, just my mouth. When I finally have made way to your waist again, I will reach around and undue your pants. I will pull them off of you just a little bit at a time. Pull off just enough to give me a bit more of your skin to lick and suck on at a time. I will continue all the way until you are pantsless. Want your toes sucked on? Just let me know while I am there. This is where I need you to turn over onto your back. Thank you. I can now work slowly up the front of your legs with my mouth. You knees will get extra tongue time while I rub the back of them with my hands. Your legs will get pushed slightly apart as I add your inner thighs to the places my tongue has throughly enjoyed being. I will breeze over your bikini area brushing my beard against the crotch of your panties. I would continue my hungry licking of you up your body. Slowly up you stomach, across your belly button, I will just taste all of you. I will lick all over your breasts, but only blow hot breath over your nipples. I would keep making my way to your neck where I will spend a long time tracing every curve with my tongue over and over again. I would finally trace my tongue across your chin to slide it into your mouth. I would suck on your tongue for a while. Now my hands have become antsy. So as a slip mouth to your nipples, taking them in turn, one of hands has found the back of your neck. My other hand has found its way between your legs. I am brushing the back of my hand over your 'lower' lips up and down. I squeeze your neck as I bite one of your nipples and press the back of my hand hard against your now moistest area. I would keep this up until you grabbed my hand, turned it around, and pushed my fingers into your now dripping pussy. I would keep sucking and biting on your nipples as I played your clit like it is a musical instrument. By the way I make you change breathing and change moaning tones, it would be music to my ears. I would wait for you to cum, and then shove my fingers as deep as they into you. I will alternate finger feeding both of us your cum and let you wash yours down with pre-cum.

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