Oprah is the real fraud  

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1/26/2006 11:59 pm

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Oprah is the real fraud

I'm sure everybody has heard about the author James Frey being on Oprah yesterday. It's been all the news since it aired. It infuriates me. Not because of the untruths written in the book, but because of the blatant hypocrisy of Oprah. The woman has no shame.

When the story first broke surrounding the book I intended to write a post about it until I saw that everybody and their mother was already talking about it. I hadn't then and still have not read the book in question. But not only do I find the actions of James Frey deplorable, I find Oprah's actions on her show even more so.

When The Smoking Gun first reported the story, almost 2 full years after the Minneapolis Star Tribune originally broke it, Frey quickly made an appearance on the Larry King show. On that show Oprah said that even if some of what was written wasn't true, that the basic message of the book was. She went so far as to say "To me, it seems to be much ado about nothing." A statement for which she took some criticism. Because of that criticism she had him on the show yesterday.

Make no mistake, Oprah didn't have Frey on the show to apologize for the book, she had him on to savage him. It was clearly an ambush. I'm sure he agreed to do the show as damage control. He figures he owes her for the sales of the book, and would use the forum to admit it was a sham. Instead, she lambasted him. She paraded person after person in front of the camera to savage him and take any focus off of her.

During the show, Oprah was speaking to the publisher of the book. They were discussing one scene in the book and Oprah was commenting on how it just wasn't believable. If it wasn't believable, why didn't she bring this up on Frey's first appearance on the show?

Even more troubling to me than the bogus outrage on the part of Oprah was the audience reaction. These people bend over to every whim Oprah may have. Because Oprah is "so" upset about the situation, these people sitting in the crowd boo Frey. If Oprah passed around poisoned kool-aid after the show, they would drink willingly.

Please excuse the rant, and the poor writing of said rant. I was just so annoyed at the actions of Oprah yesterday, I just sat down and started typing almost without coherent thought. I hope some people saw the show in the same way I did, as nothing more than damage control for Oprah. Doesn't she realize that she is untouchable, that viewers of her program will go along with whatever she chooses to do or say, without any consideration to how asinine that may be?

This all just is further proof that Oprah is a horrible person.
By the way: My sources tell me that while at home she walks around with a golden halo on her head. I believe it, nobody has a god complex even near the level as she does.

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