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rm_pichuan 56M
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6/23/2006 7:25 am
Things We Do

I'm a funny guy.
I say that from the perspective of trying to step outside myself and look with objective eyes at my life and habits.
For instance, I like martial arts. I like to be good at martial arts, and I work toward that end.
But I don't like the exercise that goes with that goal.
But I like the way the exercise makes me feel, after it's all said and done for the day.
So, I gird my loins, so to speak, and exercise. Do things that are difficult and painful and uncomfortable and wear me out... so that I can be "good" at a skill that I've never needed in 44 years. So that I can feel good, physically and mentally.
So, the question arises that if I like the results of the work, why don't I like the work?
In other areas, the reverse is true; I like the "work" but not the result.
Eating cakes or pies or cookies or ice cream.. those are fun things to do; "work" that I like. But the result of that is not feeling good and probably putting on unneeded weight.
So I'm a funny guy; I like unproductive work and don't like productive work, but like the result of the first but not the latter.
And which is really more important? Liking the result or liking the process? Particularly when part of the process involves the result that I like; that is to say, being "good" at martial arts is part of the process of doing the exercise to get "better". A student at my low level needs to be "good" at the things that have been learned so that new lessons can be begun and, eventually, internalized to a new degree of "good".
So the cycle continues, the work gets more difficult and the results more rewarding.
But I still don't like doing the exercise.
And I'm entirely too "good" at eating sweets, so that certainly needs no practice....

What about (the plural, collective) you?
What things might you do that are "funny"?

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