Light in the Darkness  

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6/29/2006 6:47 am

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Light in the Darkness

The black cloud of longing hovers 'round my head. It's a pointless endeavor, to be sure, this unrequited lust. Still, I wait, and watch, and my desire grows more feverish for all that.

Then, you arrive. I sit quietly in the darkened room, soft ambient light provided thru the closed drapes by the summer morning sun. I watch quietly as you enter, your eyes searching the room and finally coming to rest on mine. Unspoken desire lingers in the charged atmosphere, an electric spark dancing between us thru our locked gaze.

I sit reclined on a bench made for sex (, dressed in silk boxers and a t-shirt. I drink in your perfect body with my eyes, further engorging my already hardened cock.

You stand before me, briefly, in your summer weight blouse thru which can be seen the absolute curve of your tits, the waist made for holding and arms built to hold me. Your finely toned legs emerge from a loose skirt and demonstrate perfection of form all the way to the floor.
Can desire have a name? If so, it would be yours.

You approach and straddle me across the bench, the heat of your pussy burning my hardened cock even thru your panties and my boxers. A physical tease begins; every movement you make shifts your weight and the pressure against my member and likewise against your hidden treasure. Your tits, yet covered by bra and blouse, faintly graze my chest as you smile and lean in for a kiss.
A kiss! No, more like life giving water in a parched dessert, but a kiss just the same.

Lightly our lips touch and dance and tease each other. Our tongues dart forward and back, barely tasting each other's growing desire, a burning need harshly disciplined to the joy of extended foreplay. Our hands meet each other's bodies, lightly thru the clothing we each wear, massaging and caressing and kneading each other to fan the flames of our lust.

Your gyrations atop me have freed my cock only to be barred from you by the cotton of your panties. I squirm and wriggle, trying desperately to bypass that barrier to find the warm, moist sweet spot of your entrance. Your blouse is too much, now, I must have your tits in my hands, my mouth. The buttons are but a minor inconvenience to me as our kiss becomes a long passionate dance of tongue and lips. You throw your head back as I finally find your nipples with my hands, your throat with my lips, my cock still grinding against you seeking it's natural home.

I force you back, freeing myself to stand and pull away your panties, stripping my shorts away at the same instant. I grab your thighs and haul you toward me, bringing your pussy up to receive my hardness, that I might plunge into you without delay.

Like the first dive into a running stream the shock of entering you is a unique pleasure. Your heat surrounds my cock, your juices comfort my shaft as I thrust into you as deeply as possible.
I hold there, lingering over the ecstasy of that entrance, savoring the feel of you engulfing my rock hard cock in your oh so comforting softness.

I descend onto you, wrapping your in my arms, searching out the spot on your throat to grab with my teeth as I begin to grind into you. Slowly at first, in and out, withdrawing almost completely before descending once again into the tight hole you present me.

Our voices mingle like our sweat as we grind against each other, hands grasping and rubbing and exploring. Your hands, fingers, fingernails scrape across my back, the muscles there taught from holding you close against me, your nipples seeming to burn holes in my chest.

Harder and faster, our breath ragged and gasping in our pleasure, our moans creating the melody to which our bodies dance; my thrusting providing the rythm of our music.

Pleasure washes across me like an arpeggio swiftly ascending a scale. Sensation and emotion mingle within me like the shifting colors of a psychadelic light show. Your body is all that is real to me, your voice the only sound in creation, your touch the caress of a goddess. My hunger for you knows no bounds as I exert myself upon and within you, seeking that special spot from which your own orgasmic explosion will be generated.

Deeper, faster harder, my cock buried and withdrawn, my fingers rolling and pinching your nipples, our lips locked in a wrestling match as our tongues dance the dance of desire.

You scream out my name at the very moment of my release and I push so hard into you that you're lifted higher on the bench; your shriek becoming a reflection of your own orgasmic release as we hold each other more tightly in our passion.

We fall back, each of us, and regard each other in the afterglow of our union. A smile plays about your eyes, and the tilt of your head speaks directly to my still buried cock...
I begin to rise once more, seeing nothing but you in the light of my desire...

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6/30/2006 11:56 am

nice story

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