Ultimate Mistake  

photoslayme 51M
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5/17/2006 8:03 pm

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8/5/2006 6:24 am

Ultimate Mistake

I have made the ultimate mistake.
The girl I mentioned in the previous blog,Passionate flames,has filled all the gaps in my life and I think that I have fallen for her, badly.
What's the problem you ask?
Well if you look under marital status on my profile you will see it has 'married' as the reponse and I am not married to her. I met her through another site so she will not see this and therfore I can be honest.
It isn't all about the sex but how she makes me feel when we are together or chatting online.
Is she for real?
Is it easy to be this way when it is only part-time?
And what about my little girl?
Who's the idiot then?
Any advice would be appreciated but be gentle I didn't set out to found someone to fall in love with just someone to fill the need in my life, maybe it was bigger then I thought.

ella1966 52F
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7/19/2006 10:56 pm

No advice given Merv, far be it for me to be the "pot calling the kettle black"....however I did set out to fall in love/lust again almost 2 years ago (dec 2004) when I joined this site...I think it is just normal and natural to be seeking...as for whether she is real, I can't answer that...you are not an idiot..I have no advice to give other than to be "true to yourself", guard your heart, don't give more than you receive...as I am struggling with hurting my husband (and others too)...Your little girl will one day be a not so little girl...


ella xoxoxo

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