Alone On A Friday Night.  

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3/18/2006 2:03 am

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Alone On A Friday Night.

I thought I would try to discuss something that is important to me and near and dear to my heart, Women. This should be entertaining if only for the fact that my knowledge of women is truly not more than what a 5 year old has figured out, ("boys have a wee wee, girls have a hoo hoo" ) One might think that that my insight would have advanced in say, 25 years of life with women but it hasn't. (OK to be honest there is a couple of other things, but they basically amount to, "women also have breast" and "breast are neat" ) One of my biggest problems is lack of communication during sex. As I have told my friends many times before, I may be intelligent and all, but I am more dense than lead when it comes to "reading signals". Any woman I have been with probably has figured this out because I seem to be having too many conversations after sex that go like this:

her: "that was fun"

me: "yes it was"

me: "did you cum?"

her: "uh, no"

me: "not at all?"

her: "well I was real close when you were doing that thing with your tongue, but you stopped and went on to something else and it went away"

me: "why didn't you say something, Like don't stop! I'm gonna cum?"

her: "I thought you could tell from my reaction"

And there lies the problem, I really don't. I mean when I first met my future ex-wife, I guess she was hitting on me for something like a week before she got irritated and just came up to me on day and pushed a piece of paper into my hand and said, "so let me give you my phone number, you can call me later." Honestly it wasn't until that point that I realized, "hey, I think she likes me." Not wanting to believe I could have missed that freakin' obvious, I asked a few people who were around when we had be talking. They all said basically the same thing, which was, "oh yeah, we just thought you weren't into her or something, cause it was really kinda obvious at points." In hind sight I kinda wished I still remained oblivious to her, it would have saved me the months of torture and agony that would become our relationship and eventual marriage (not that I am bitter). That aside, I think you get my point, I'm a schmuck.

blpwolf 59F

3/18/2006 3:30 pm

No, baby, u just haven't meet the right woman yet. When u meet her u will be amazed at the feelings and the intense realization that u know what she's thinking and feeling and when....u will also find that when making love, u will be as one...each of u letting the other know what u want and when, with no embarrassment or weird will be so wonderfully magical that u will just be blown away...I promise.....

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