What is appropriate?  

philslookg 101M
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2/10/2006 9:04 pm

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5/19/2006 9:55 pm

What is appropriate?

I have looked at allot of other BLOG’s and don’t get people who post unnecessarily profane, inflammatory, and spiteful replies. As if calling someone a “Stupid cunt who deserved that shit.” would really cause someone to reconsider their position. If you don’t like what I have to say, that’s great. I only ask that you do so in a somewhat intelligent manner. If you don’t then, I’ll just Iggy you it’s not a big deal to me. Ok. So why is it that people have to attack a BLOG for no reason? I know that this is going to provoke some people to post mundane shit on my site but I don’t really care. I think that it’s much more interesting to call someone an intellectual failure, who conducts themselves as if they lived in a sty, than it is to call someone a dumb slob. It shows a lack of thought. If you are having a debate about a concept, thought or opinions think about what you’re saying. If you can’t come up with anything of significance to say then don’t. I’m not saying that I’m an elitists, far from it my SAT scores lacked in some areas. But act as if you did at least receive a GED.

jadedbabe78 107F

2/10/2006 11:14 pm


Some people are probably thinking they're being some great wit by leaving a reply that screams 'I still have a junior high mentality.'

I've only had one personally on my blog and I deleted it. And I've had some on other blogs I've left comments on.

It definitely makes me shake my head and wonder sometimes.

sassybelle21 33F  
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2/11/2006 7:00 am

Well some people are just retarded. I suggest people to just ban those fucktards.

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