Scarred for Life!  

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2/24/2006 2:29 pm

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Scarred for Life!

I can’t say I have lived a hard life but I have lived hard. Living hard has left me with many scars.

The first one I can recall was when I was four. A 12-year old compadre in crime had “borrowed” his dads’ motorcycle which we took for a little spin around our neighborhood. Later that afternoon my dad took me for a little spin to the hospital (a foot peg through the leg - the result of the aforementioned neighborhood spin).

When I was eight I did my best impression of superman (and learned a lot about gravity) when I fell out of the neighborhood tree (you know the one ‒ the tallest and most difficult to climb) and landed on a very large and sharp (who knew) rock. That one was especially hard on my Mom as the rock tore through my best shirt before tearing into my side.

Then there were my “On Any Given Sunday” years where I learned that hot mufflers can burn, the term “fly like a bat out of hell” was not meant for a twelve-year old on a motorcycle (bats generally can perform this easier as they can readily make out rocks, trees, fences, garages, etc… and continually crashing on two wheels can prejudiced your parents future estimation of your four-wheel driving skills (the current score is Fence 1 - Truck 0).

When I was 16 I fell in love with the ocean, the waves, the sand, and body-surfing. I did not however fall in love with all the coral and rocks I encountered but I do think the clinic was always happy to see me time and again ($).

I got my first insect shaped scar when I was 17 ‒ the result of a tragic (in my eyes at the time) hard sporting collision which left my knee in a full length leg cast for three months (and during the summer no less). I have tried unsuccessfully over the years to give that insect a mate but technology has outpaced my attempts and so far I have only added little circles to that insect (Circles 2 ‒ Mate 0)

Let’s see - at 21 I learned there is a reason boxers wear gloves. I also learned that brass being ejected from guns is surprisingly hot.

Growing up on a ranch, working outdoors, and not fearing much of anything has contributed many others though not as memorable (or just forgotten about). These are my physical scars - the ones that you can see but what about the emotional ones, the invisible ones. I really think I have only but one or two so I don’t know if that means I am lucky or just well-adjusted.

Many of my scars (physical/emotional) have faded over the years and some have even disappeared (if I could just bottle that and sell it to the cosmetic companies) but each of my experienced- based imperfections has a story.

Which I guess gets me to this ‒ I hope yours’ have faded over time as well and that you take the time to hear all the little stories you find on your lovers’ body and in their soul!!!

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