Eating my own cum.... mmmmmm....  

peterpoundurass 49M
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9/6/2006 10:41 am

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5/7/2007 11:01 am

Eating my own cum.... mmmmmm....

While a friend of mine and I were chatting in email about fantasies, and me blowing my load, I told him something I did while my wife was out of town last week (I had to watch the kids). I was feeling extra horny this day, and my daughter was distracted with her toys in her room so I had a short period of time (the other kids were in school). I found some panties of my wife's that she had on before she left. I smelled the cotton crotch of the panties and sure enough, they had that blissful musky pussy odor that I so love to smell. I started playing with my peehole and rubbing my cock head through my jogging pants I had on and was instantly hard so that ANYBODY would notice my hard cock bulging from the front of them. I also immediately had a pre-cum stain on the front of my jogging pants, that made it slightly slimy as I massaged it into the material.

I was very much in the mood for tasting my own hot cum, but knew I didn't have much time, so I grabbed my wife's little powerful clit massager, with the 6 cold metal bumps on the end of it, and went downstairs to see what I could accomplish in a short time.

I pushed out our high back chair in the corner, got behind it, and pulled my pants off, letting my cock spring out - oh, that felt good! I immediately grabbed it hard and began rubbing up and down the shaft squeezing as hard as I could, while I stood there. Just one minute was a enough of that. Then I put my wife's silky panties over my cock, with the cotton soiled crotch with the obvious pussy juice stain right against my peehole, wrapped it around completely, and started massaging slowly to enjoy the feeling. Very quickly I started to feel a little of that familiar sensation that tells me I will be cumming soon. So I pulled the panties off and put them up to my nose and started sniffing again while I massaged some more. I could feel the cold wet pre-cum that I had gotten on the panty crotch right on the tip of my nose. I looked down and I was leaking even more.

I then put the panties down for a minute, pumped hard and squeezed and pushed out with my inside muscles to push more of this juice out, and then scooped up with my finger everything that had started drizzling down the front of my shaft, and the big pre-cum bubble that had formed at the top, and then licked it off my finger, and played with it on my tongue and swallowed it. I definitely wanted more of that!

I immediately layed down on the ground with my ass as close to the high back chair as I could get with my legs in the air, then put my feet on the top of the chair and pushed up, lifting my ass up into the air. I manouvered as much as possible, pushing out with my feet and legs until I was propped up on my upper back and shoulders, with my hard penis dangling about 2 feet above my face. I reached over and grabbed my wife's powerful tiny vibrator, turned it on, and put the end of it right at the base of my cock head, right behind my peehole. Using one hand, I pushed my penis up and out, and the other I pushed the massager against my cockhead. I could feel the cum building in my balls, and within 30 seconds I was very close to an orgasm. It only required a little more squeezing of my inside muscles, and a little gyration of the vibrator on my cock head and then my cum just burst out! It squirted and dripped right into my mouth - all of it. It was hot and tangy, but I couldn't swallow or do anything with it in my mouth until all of the cum had been pushed out from deep in my balls.

The pulsating, throbbing, and convulsing of my rock hard cock finally subsided somewhat and I swallowed my hot spunk - wow! There was a lot of it and it was very good tasting - the feeling of it on my tongue and in my mouth was amazing! I sat there for just another minute as more cum leaked from my penis. I put the vibrator down, and reached up with my finger to scrape a big gob of it, then licked it off my finger and played with it in my mouth. While I did this, I let go of my penis with my other hand, and then just rubbed it up and down and back and forth on my stomach while a little more cum leaked out and glistened on my bare skin. I dropped my legs and ass back down and pushed myself away from the chair enough to sit up, then grabbed the panties for one final sniff as I rubbed my semi-erect penis, and squeezed the final juices out.

I think I will definitely do this again. But I'm hoping to try an alternate situation in the future. I'd like to prop myself up again, just like I did before, pushing up and out with my feet at the top of the high back chair, but this time, I'd like to have a woman with a hairy pussy, sitting on my face, and have her suck my cock instead. Then, she can orgasm and squirt her own juices right into my mouth while I squirt mine right down here throat. Any takers?

rm_Wizardesssss 37F
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9/6/2006 11:22 am

After reading all that, all I could think is there's got to be an easier way....

Wizardesssss ©

2daycowboywanted 46F

9/6/2006 11:38 am

Good grief dude - you gotta find an easier way - there's got to be one!

Until later

peterpoundurass 49M

5/7/2007 11:01 am

Would you be interested in helping me find one? I'm all ears (and mouth)

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