I got some  

persephonekore 30F
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8/6/2006 9:37 pm
I got some

I got laid last night lol. It was good, it would
ve been better if I slept more during the day, so that I wouldn't get so tired. It was really fun, he spanked me cause I was being bad. I kept teasing him, instead of doing what he says. I like teasing him lol, or anyone I want to fuck. Well anyway, we got a hotel room and it was maybe a little after 12am. I sucked his dick and his balls because he wanted me too and I was doing a really good job too lol. I like sucking his dick, or other people's dick. I like how it feels in my mouth, it feels good. So basically we fucked, we did it doggie style which felt really good, I enjoyed it a lot. We fucked for about a half an hour to an hour. He took me back home around 6am and then I went to sleep. That was my night lol. Well anyway, on Friday I got fucked my my 45 year old roomate, that was ok. It wasn't the best. I was half alseep and he called me at 12am and he was practically begging me if he can fuck me lol. So I did just so that he can shut up. When I went down there, he was watching a porno and then we just started fucking and that was my night with him, nothing special.

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