pieces that complete perpetuous bliss pt 6  

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4/2/2005 4:47 am

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pieces that complete perpetuous bliss pt 6

to my dear Freddie.....
"The Piece that Completes Me"

Our relationship didn't begin so peaceful, and blissful.
It was hell, but our love rose to the heavens.
Everything that I am not....you are.
You make up that wonderful piece of my puzzle......lust..love..desire..stimulation.

Even though we have had some crazy fights in the past, we have always persevered through all the muck, and crap.

...You my love, my better half, Freddie. I want you to be the one captured in my loving arms, when you need a soothing, healing, embodyment.

...When we are old with time, I want you to be the one by my side.
....And when I die, I want eternity to be blessed with your presence.

I know sometimes my dear, Freddie, times can be so fierced that it is beyond the limits of sanity, but together we are indestructable........
...Together we are unstoppable.

I can't say it enough...that...I love you.
I miss you, when we are away from each other.
You are always in my thoughts.

When something wonderful happens, and I am not with you to share it, then I miss you even more.

Space is wonderful for some, but I don't fear space...that isn't why I miss you. I miss you because you are that exceptional piece of my puzzle that completes me.

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