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3/30/2005 4:49 am

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pieces that complete perpetuous bliss 5


Why is it I can't be happy for someone else's
good fortune? Why? Am I envious? Am I jealous?
I try to be sincere, but am I really coming
across as being phony?

People I like, or even used to like, when
wonderful things happen to them. Why can't I be
legiatemly happy for them?
When wonderful things happen to me, I want the
whole world to share my happiness.
But sometimes when wonderful things happen to
others, why the hell does it depress me?

Am I superficial? Am I that shallow?
Why can't I always bring myself to enjoy
someone else's joy with their good fortune?

When I wish for someone's success, am I sometimes
really wishing for their failure?
Am I that bad of person?
People forgive me...people who've I hurt.

God..give me the strength to open my heart instead
of closing it.

Please allow myself to open my soul to breathe.
To everyone's and anybody's

Let the bitterness, subside, and cleanse myself,
from the ill will that rots my soul.

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