personal pieces that complete perpetuous bliss 2  

perpetousBLISS 45M/41M
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3/29/2005 9:24 am

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personal pieces that complete perpetuous bliss 2

"Snowflakes, Frost, and Icicles"
Lengthy, lucid, crystal daggers await an attack, from the roof, onto unsusoecting victims below.
The wind howls, like wolves baying at a full moon.
The temperature outside the window is frigid.
The kind of cold that goes beneath the layers of flesh to chill your bones.
An occassional burst of a snow shower, reminds us
that winter is unpredictable.
The conifers are the only somber, emeralds of the
bleak scenery.
The lake once flourished with birds, fish,
fishermen, and lily pads, have now become a
tomb of hard, cold, and thick dense mass of
matter, burying the contents below.
For this time of year, we are literally able to
walk upon water, as Jesus had with unfrozen
The enormous mountain peaks, bare their
skeletons for all to see.
Minute, inferior reminants of past visitors are
seen upon the snow.
Winter, not one of my favorite seasons of the
four, but not my least favorite, either.
Winter, does have a magical beauty.
Winter has moments, when we are all left with no
other choice, but of peace, quiet, and
We become reaquinted with ourselves, friends, and
family, during the winter.
Winter preludes to my favorite season spring.
Goodbye ominious winter, for the daffodils are
beginning to ascend forth from the earth to
truimphately sound their trumpets to herald

keithcancook 61M
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3/29/2005 2:18 pm

The daffodils are blooming here too. I liked the line about the footprints. Nice. I know why winter is not your least favorite because I read what you thought of my favorite which is Autumn.

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