excerpts from our EROTICA pt2  

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excerpts from our EROTICA pt2

"The Infatuation of my Dark Obsession"

I kiss his supple brown lips.
He flips me onto my stomach.
He then hovers over the length of my sleek, delicate body.

He dives down onto my alabaster flesh, and proceeds to kiss, and caress my neck with his tongue.
He blows his hot breath, onto my cool skin in sporadic spurts.
He has definitely awoken my dragon, between my legs.
He nibbles on my ear lobes.
The impetuous pleasure causes my senses to tingle.

He drags his moist tongue down the spine of my back. His hands follow the diminishing pattern of my freckles.
He reaches the cheeks of my ass.
He tugs at my flesh softly with his teeth.
And counteracts with tender kisses of his lips.

He spanks my cheeks causing a hypnotic ripple of my flesh.
The remnants of redness slowly fade away.
"Smack them harder, my love, for they are yours" I moan.
He continues his onslaught of bliss.
He grasps my flesh.
He kneads my flesh.
He smacks my flesh.

With an exhilarating swoop, he buries his face between my cheeks.
His ravenous tongue lashes, and thrusts about my lurking universe.
He probes me.
Twisting his savory tongue deep within me.
He holds, and divides my ass cheeks with his hands.
His tongue strides into my cavern of gorgeousness.
He has conjured the sin within.
He has caused every nerve to implode in ecstasy in my body.

Now that he has my ass relaxed, and wet, he is ready to penetrate his phallus in my temple of wickedness.

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ti farei quello che desideri...

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