Vengeance is Revenge....a Bittersweet tribute to an old friend.  

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4/2/2005 5:04 am

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Vengeance is Revenge....a Bittersweet tribute to an old friend.

"Ode to Betrayl"

Your name echoes poison to my eyes.
What a great evil manifested over time.
You abandoned our friendship, why?
You deceived me, why?
You deluded me, why?
Why wasn't I deserving of your protection?
Why wasn't I worth your compassion?

So many years...some good, and of course some bad.
I found a key, a piece to the puzzle of me.
Were you jealous?
Were you envious?
Why couldn't you just be happy for me?
He completes me, and you foresakened me.

Friends since the fourth grade....
Two peas in a pod, but yet so different.....
As a teenager I lusted for you.......
I wanted to become one with you....
As an adult, I wanted nothing more, but to return
to that pea in a pod.
Sex would have felt like incest.

You split from me.
Where were you at my hour of need?
You knew of my ill relationship of my father....
...I knew of your ill relationship with your father.
I would have given up my right kidney for your ...
....At the end.....
...Your useless defense was "I tried to call"
...When you were three houses down.

I cried.
I was torn with my innermost guts exposed.
I needed you.
I needed to escape in the memories we shared.
I ached.
....but I survived.

Now what bitterness residue resides.
I will survive.
The toxin that you have left will subside.

I am being reborn again.
Maybe someday...I will be able to forgive you.
Maybe someday...your brightness that once shined
...around me , I will see again.

But for now...your betrayl...goes to deep within raptures me, and right now this day.
I will become a phoenix.
I shall rise above the remains of our friendship.
I will someday possibly forgive you, Rasean.

It is impossible to forget the years of friendship
...we shared...
...I do wish you the best, now.
.I wish you success............
..I wish you a wonderful mine with, Freddie....

Farewell my dearest friend, Rasean.

u4bang2 57F

4/2/2005 10:04 am

Thanks for posting this because I can identify with it and I'm sure there are others who can also identify with the depth of hurt brought on by the lack of emotional support and interaction from a dearly beloved friend. It's GREAT to see that the healing is beginning.

I wish you the best and wish you well. I don't know you personally, but I feel you.

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