In defense of myself  

pegasus1259 58F
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7/29/2006 3:37 pm

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In defense of myself

I know this is a strange way to start a blog, but I have been attacked in a chat room and wish to defend myself without getting into all the drama. So, if you are reading this, I assume you are interested in my side of the story - with out all the drama.

Yes, I am hooked up with Mr. Swans who is divorced from Mrs. Swans at her request. We did not become involved until after she said she didn't want to be married to him anymore. In fact she is the one who sent him my way. We had met a couple of times at some parties, and I had always been attracted to him, but did not pursue anything more than a casual acquaintance until they had separated.

Recently, I have been accused of literally spending his money at my whim. This is by far NOT true. While he did lend me some money earlier this year, I have almost paid him off completely. I make more than enough money to support myself, and he just helped me over a rough spot.

In defense of Mr. Swans, he does NOT have a limp dick. At least when he is with me that’s not a problem... hehe. He keeps me completely satisfied sexually, with one exception. There are times when I crave a woman’s touch.

As for what else has happened, it is not my place to air their dirty laundry. It is not my place.

I hold no animosity for her; I wish her and TheMiz nothing but the best.

I have spoken my peace here and will not do my best not to get involved in any drama in the chat room. If there is any drama, I apologize for I am human and I do make mistakes.

Thanks for reading and feel free to post any comments.

rm_dimples565 69F
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7/29/2006 4:14 pm

Well I dont know what on in the chat room, but your certainly sound like a nice lady that isnt out to cause any trouble. And humbled yourself if you did.

I wish you and Mr. Swans alot of happiness and great sex which it sounds like you are already having.

Him helping you in a time of need is no one business. It is between you and him.

And someone saying he has a limp dick I find appalling. Some one is really jealous of your happiness.

Just brush it off and keep doing what makes yourself happy.

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angelofmercy5 60F
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7/29/2006 5:45 pm

As I've been reading the blogs seems there has been alot of drama in the chat rooms lately. I have never really been in the chat rooms....but it just sounds like a place to stay away from!

rm_ebony0116 56F
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7/30/2006 9:37 am

You and Mr Swans are adults. He was obligated to Mrs Swans, not you. Your relationship with him was once she tossed him out and in my opinion, you owe NO ONE any explanations. Enjoy your relationship!...and stay out of the chat rooms!!

rm_TheDragon4 70M
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10/24/2006 6:33 am

U go lady and never think that u have to justify u r self to anyone because u have not done anything that would be called stealing anyones mate. keep in there and always smile.

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