Why is being honest, loyal, & trustworthy so hard of traits to come by nowadays?  

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2/25/2006 9:18 am

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Why is being honest, loyal, & trustworthy so hard of traits to come by nowadays?

Why is being honest, loyal, & trustworthy so hard of traits to come by nowadays?

To Whom it may concern,

What's one of the easiest things in this world to do always and it's FREE?

Come on use that under used brain of yours that has been dummed down by TV, X-box, and cell phones.

It's simply to keep your word to someone else in this world that you give it to!

Remember long ago when business deals, partnerships, and friendships that lasted a lifetime were done with a simple hand shake or on there word?

People actually had integrity, were loyal, honest, and there word was worth more to them than anything in the world back then.

No amount of money could ever buy it and it wasn't for sale!

Fast forward to 2006 and almost daily I have woman contact me that are married, have boyfriends, use fake pictures, or lies about numerous other things from weight, height, age, job, etc.

I LOVE online dating or online meeting people whichever term you feel comfortable with saying that your doing online right now! LOL

But I'm so sick and tired of the FAKE, lying, shallow, selfish, NO heart, NO Soul, NO manners, and NO integrity people in the world.

Am I that much of a an dying gentleman breed that still and will always believe that when you say, "I do" to a woman (Marriage) or if you have "THE TALK" with a woman or man that means keep your dick in your pants, keep your hands off other guys, and treat your partner always like you want to be treated.

What ever happened to moral fiber?

What ever happened to you laying ALL your cards out on the table and having the other person do the same. Yes, you might get rejected but that's life and then you know that person wasn't for you then. But playing games, the lies, living a lie; that to me is know life at all and what most people now have I believe!

Don't say you will do something and you don't do it!

Don't say I'll call you back later and don't call.

Don't say I LOVE YOU to someone else than go cheat on them or not talk to them if there your friend for months and months at a time. Because your ACTIONS don't match your WORDS and it's all bullshit!

We all see everyday online the "PRETTY PEOPLE" but so many of them are the ugliest people I have ever met or talked to in my life. They only care about themselves, what they can get from someone, and that is so sad. (Note: I'm not talking about every pretty person on dating sites and what is pretty anyways beauty is in the eye of the beholder?)

Unfortunetly our society now has basically said it's ok to cheat on your spouse or significant other. It's ok to lie to make your self look and sound better to others. Most everyone has learned to settle for the people they surround themselves with, the people they date, and the "so called" people that are suppose to be there friends.

I'm not one of the settlers sorry!

We all have this amazing gift from God (not going to preach now! LOL!) and we can do anything we want in life bound by nothing. But we go thru the motions of life and really never inspire ourselves or others to reach our true potential and calling in life. We buy into well that's how people are so that's what I will settle for. This is my life and I guess I deserve that and I guess this is as good as it gets for me.


One of my new favorite sayings that is so profound to me but so simple don't you think?

I think finding an amazing woman too make babies with (Not anytime soon mind you! LOL!) and being a total nympho freak with (LOL!) and not settle for anything less than what we all deserve, if we give what we want in return.

That one thing we all search for is unconditional, forever, and once in a lifetime love. Someone that would walk thru the gates of hell to save you, even from yourself; someone that would lye at your bed everyday if you had cancer just to comfort you, the person that has seen your worst and at your least attractive and still says, "I still love you what else you got."

Someone that with a smile and just hearing there voice can level you completely and drag you out of the pits of hell just like that.

That's what I dream of, that's what I am looking for, and anything short of that is settling and not an option for me.

I will NEVER EVER do that.

If it takes me 10 more years to find that so be it.

But I won't be a statistic and be the 6/10 that get divorced or get married for all the wrong reasons.

2am now and I'm beat worked almost 48 hours straight without sleep this weekend on some companies I own. So good night all and please take what I say to heart or tell me to go to hell! LOL!

But regardless feel something and stop being numb in life and just existing. You can do this, even if you don't believe it, and have so much more in your life.

Passionate Ben

yunalescababe 38F

12/1/2006 8:09 pm

Morals.. how refreshing. I currently find myself trying to find some kind of median for myself between my morals and wanting to further explore my sexuality etc. without feeling guilty or promiscuous. I am all for loyalty, commitment, honesty and integrity...the lack of it ended my last relationship.

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