A Gift  

pearlnecklace22 54F
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6/4/2006 9:48 am

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5/25/2008 10:59 am

A Gift

If someone gave you a gift that wasn't quite right whether its a doll that is the wrong size or arms were missing, or a game that didn't work very well, whatever the gift is would you be grateful or would you think to yourself well thanks very much (not),what would you do with that gift?
Would you bash it as its not what you wanted, throw it away, keep in hidden, give it away?
Would you keep that gift til something new comes along?
Our lives, friends, what we have, what we did have is a gift. What would you do with your gift? whether you like it or not it is still a gift.
Would you you be grateful for what you have or would you say oh thanks but not really.
Time is also a gift what would you do with your gift treasure it or lose it or even share it til something new comes along then like the first gift given store it til something new comes along.
Are we truly grateful for what we are given even if its not quiet right or broken?

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
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6/4/2006 1:05 pm

very good post.

I am lucky enough to have one person in my life who truly shares a gift of time with me and helps me making better use of mine. I have some gifts I got from others that aren't my style, but I still have them because I appreciate the time and effort others put into getting me that gift.

Depending on the person ~and the gift~ I have returned things to those that gave them to me ....

welcome to blogging

TheThunderstorm 62M
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6/4/2006 1:55 pm

pearl I have so many gifts to be thankful for, one being your friendship

rm_Melciber 63M
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6/5/2006 12:46 pm

pearlnecklace22 - hard question.
I have many hours of therapy behind me to help me see the gift for what it is.
I don愒 know that I don愒 turn my back on gifts, or scuff them under the carpet at times, but I do make an effort to see them for what they are.

- - - Some of the biggest gifts I have recieved:

- Don愒 be judgemental . . . don愒 judge yourself . . . it isn愒 your place to do so.
- Everything that is, is good (thats a hard one - but I can愒 fault it) (or another way of saying it - "It is the way it is." )
- Regrets and resentments are just ones way of saying "forgive me" (so whats the point in waiting - forgive and forget and come alive.)

I also have the gifts of a great childhood and a good memory.

- - - thank you for the thought provoking - - -

swt_tx64 53F

6/6/2006 11:10 am

~smiling softly....reading your words....and you are right....how often do we take this precious gift of life for granted...we live in a world where people are dying from disease, starvation, genecide...yet we still we will sit back and bitch about the littlest things that fall upon us...'sitting in a resteraunt listening to someone chew a waiter out because there food is not perfect...thinking to myself there are people in the world that would give their lives to have that plate of food for their child...i have no tolerance for those who do not appreciate the gift of life...even when i sit back and cry over the mess i have made of mine...it is still my mess ...noone elses and if i knew i would be in the same predictement if i had a second chance i would take it...for life is a gift...and I thank God for it everyday"

rm_MustangD6644 53M
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6/6/2006 2:15 pm

Each and everyone of us is allocated 168 hours per week, no more no less. It is realizing the value of those 168 hours and doing something worthwhile with them is the best way to show appreciation for the gift of life.

Welcome to Blogland pearlnecklace22. I shall if i may refer to you as Pearl.

BTW I used to love giving pearlnecklaces, but I suspect that they have fallen from favour, facials seem to be all the go at least in Porno land.


ButteryDelight 60F

6/7/2006 8:19 am

Pearl, Gifts no matter what they are, should be treasured and appreciated. I have several things my children have made or bought for me over the years. Several are not "quite" right but I still treasure them and keep them. Just as I value the gift of your friendship.* smiles and hugs

Buttery Delight

okiebulldog61 57M
1799 posts
6/23/2006 4:05 pm

Pearl....gifts are meant to be treasured an appreciated..an i truly treasure your friendship...huggss...take care...

Stella1955 63F

6/25/2006 5:13 pm

Pearl....Fisrt, thank you for your friendship. Gifts are precious, life is the best gift of all and should never be taken for granted. Stella

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