Temp is rising  

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6/8/2006 7:33 pm

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6/14/2006 7:21 pm

Temp is rising

Whew what a day spent a lot of time talking to a beautiful lady on line. It does not get a lot better. Woke up this morning with my hand full of very warm tit but that was as far as it goes. Did my morning chores and every time I turned around wife was there or contractors were there or the phone rang etc etc.

what about raising temp. Remenber the beautiful lady. She has me beating the meat almost steady alll day long. Lost track fo the cum count after the fifth time. Never happened to me before. It is amazing what the largest sex organ can do when you turn it loose.

Had to be out of the office today with outside calls paid a visit to the local adult book store picked up a dvd. Not much going on so went to lunch.

Had my usual chick fingers frys and vocka tonic place really quiet must be the carnival in town this weekend. This wet weather is a real bummer. Was driving the PU and very few chances for seeing any naked skin in the venicles next to me. I have observed, on several occasoins, that there a whole lot of up tight puckered ass hole people in the world, most drivers do not look right or left, both hands on the wheel white nuckles, sour pus look on their face. I sometimes think that the face would break if they smiled. must be a terrible way to live.

When I see one of the tight asses I love to smile look them straight in the eye to get their attention and look them up and down for head to toe return to their eyes smile again shake my head and walk away. I am told the results are hilarious.

They must think they are unzipped, hanging out something on their clothes etc. I love it.

To all you poor up tight people, relax smilelike you knowsomething the rest of the world does not. do something impulsive (be sure you have an escape route) make people talk life is to short not to live love,and have a ball.

I am a certified card carrying exhibitionist, voyeur, mastrubation expert, sex adict and I love it most when I can share it with someone else.

Be sure we always protect our children. As adults our life style is our own business. Let our children grow up nurtured, cared for, and protected from all the freeks out there. Help me with protecting my family and I will help you.

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