Kiss and Tell  

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6/14/2006 8:03 pm

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Kiss and Tell

We did it. Met a wonderful sensitive lady on monday spent several hours with her. God what fantstic tits and a pussy that begs for attention but that is getting ahead of the story. It is possible to meet and share converstion, share time, and experiance the passion of life in a few short hours on one beautiful afternoon.

The meet was set for the morning and wouldn't you know I was a few minutes late. As I got out of my car she was there sitting on a swing with her back turned to me. As I approched I agonized, what will I say, what excuse will work. None necessary she understands the trials of keeping all the balls in the air as we juggle our time. Sat and talked a few minutes and without warning we were exchanging passionate kisses, it left weak kneed. Had to excuse my self for a nature break and when I walked back up behind her I ran my hands her chest to those beautiful soft warm breasts with the amazing nipples. I have never experienced such nipples. As I rolled them between my fingers they seemed to grow to the size of my little finger tips and hard as bone.

Talk about warm, soft, smooth, I am at a loss for words to describe their feel. As I caressed her she leaned back against me and moaned softly rolling her head against my raging cock. Not sure how much I could stand.

One hand on those amazing tits and the other traveled slowly down over her stomach to very edge of the tightly curled bush covering her smoking pussy absolutely begging for attention.
I am here to tell you this ladys husband is an absolute fool.

We walked, we talked, we made out like a couple of depraved teen age fuck monkeys on a park bench. Moved to the car, she was in my arms in a flash. There is nothing I can say to the feeling of her naked flesh against me.

But this is all you get to know. We talk still today. Her husband, family and other commitments keep us from daily body to body contact but they can't erase the memory or the instant longing that has entered my life.

The term fuck buddy is accurate because that is what we are however it is not a fair discription of the result of that fantastic few hours a short while ago. We will both continue to expand into new relationships, search new horizons make new friends. For me, at least, she will always be the queen of all fuck buddy's and I truly hope that she will think of me when she feels that longing deep within her inner self that only a cock burried deep into a throbbing pussy can full fill

I would add a photo but these memories are mine and hers the rest will have to use their minds eye.

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