Fuck Buddies  

peakboo2 73M
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5/30/2006 6:06 pm
Fuck Buddies

I just read a post to one of my favorite chat rooms called "fuck buddies" and it seems to hit the nail right on the head. I have been thinking today about the meaning of the term. It occurs to me that, as a general rule, men and women use the term fuck buddy differently. For a women, apparently, there is a need for dining, candle light, soft music, hours of sintilitating conversation and the defelopment of a deep emotional "friendship" "buddy" relationship. On the other hand we have the male meaning of the term to simply say I want to fuck you now. No pretext of emotional attachment, no soft music, no quiet conversation, just raw unabriged rip your clothes off now and jam my cock deep into your waiting pussy.

Now for me, I am somewhere in the middle. I want the passion but I want it last a very long time. I like to use my hands, my mouth, my cock and all of the rest of my body parts to give pleasure. Foot rubs, intmate manacure or pedicure, hot oil message, hot tubs, naked walks in the woods, and much more. The problem is I expect the same kind of treatment. It is missing in my current relationship and it drives me crazy.

Today driving home I was struck in traffic, bumper to bumper. I have a full size pick up and am able to look into the cars next to me. There are a lot of really stuck up tight ass people in the world. I had my slacks around my knees and would have delighted in sharing my cock with anyone with the time to notice. Not even a second glance and I am not the worlds most unattractive male speciman.

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