At the Diner  

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8/20/2006 8:20 am

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At the Diner

A couple not much older than me sits in one of the diner's booths, across from one another.....she staring through the plate glass window out into the parking lot.....he staring passed her toward the counter's empty stools.
They share a dullness in their expression, a disconnect in their body language. The air around them is thick with loneliness.....and a bit of despair.
I sit a few booths away.....thinking about loved ones and relationships that were enjoyed and are now gone, the promise of new friendships and intimacies on the horizon.....and revisit and reconstruct the dreams I still have for my life.....and.....although I sit alone.....I realise...I am happy.

gent4u813 62M

8/28/2006 8:51 am

Been there...

Recently I had a chance to be under the open, clear, dark sky again. I remember the awe that I had the first time I REALLY saw the Milky Way away from the world, the smog, the clutter of man made light-noise.

At first it was just a clear view of the stars...

Then form and flow and design began to emerge.

Slowly the points of light wove themselves into an intricate fabric which slowly and inexorably drifted down from the heavens.

The blanket of the universe passed through me and I was enveloped in a comforting light, seemingly interconnected and all purposeful.

This time the sky was patterned with the same intricacy and depth...

Yet as I was enveloped by the flowing river of light

I realized that in reality, each cluster and patch of light would eventually resolve into individual, unconnected points...

As they drew closer, they drew ever farther apart.

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