The Twisted  

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7/19/2005 8:04 pm

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The Twisted

somewhere in my dark and twisted mind
are pictures of you and me at some point in time.
somewhere in the long dark hallways i find the old songs
that make my flesh grow warm.
i can fel your hands in my hair and it sends shivers up and down my spine.
i can feel your warm breathe on my neck and it makes my darkness grow moist.
i close my eyes and see stars and feel like i am flying.
i imagine that you are standing behind me and wonder where you will put your hands next on my body.
will they slide around to my breasts?
will they slide down my hips?
will you softly run them down my back?
i feel your hot wet mouth on my back and i cry.
not from pain or sadness.
i cry from the anticipation of what you will do to me.
my head spins and i think please bite harder.
my mind goes dark and i think please pull me harder.
i feel the ropes on my heart.
i cant speak these words to you.
if i do i know you will not do them.
so i let you do what makes you feel good.
i let you give me your direction.
its not really a sacrifice.
while you are doing what you want i can see, feel, taste the things i want.
i can smell the coppery smell of the blood.
i can feel the hot wetness of it on my body.
and my mind grows even darker.
the excitement rises in me.
my body get hotter with the thought of it.
in my mind i am tied down.
in my mind you give me what i want.
in my mind i say bite there, squeeze me there.
in my mind i say do that harder.
in my mind you are my Lestat.
in my mind i am Akasha.
in my mind the darkness grows.
the hallways grow more twisted.
ahh the room.
i must lock it again.
i must let the dream stay there.
in the dark and twisted hallways of my mind i hear the cries of that dream.
as i walk back through it i see flashes of you and hear the music.
i want no other.
i need no other.
i cannot allow you to see the dark and the twisted.

sensuali2005 63M/50F
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7/19/2005 9:15 pm

siamo una coppia a cui piace fare sesso, con persone colte, distinte e pulite, ci piacerebbe che l'incontro avvenisse in modo casuale e mettere lei al centro dell'attenzione

paulabear1 45F

7/20/2005 2:42 pm

i feel so bad i cant read your post. whether it be bad or good thank you for your comment.

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