Dam shitty night  

patientone34 50M
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6/3/2006 8:39 pm
Dam shitty night

I just been hunting for someone to chat with, no answers, shit, cum on people doesn't anyone want so goood conversation.
Let me give you a good conversation.
You are at the local subway waiting in a long line its saturday night and you just want to get your food and sit down and eat. Then you notice to this babe comes up behind you in line. You start a conversation, about how waiting in line sucks especially when at subway so many people order 5 subs for all their friends. She says yeh I just wanted some meat to fill my hunger. I say theres so meat back in the back that's free its a special today. What she says where, Back in the back, I can hook you up with some real meat satisfaction. She looks at me starting to get my gist. I give her a big smile and she starts to smile back, she says you know me and my boyfriend have broke up because he cheated on me. I really like him though. I said well turn around is fair play. She grins, I whisper lets go to the mens room. We go in lock the door and I pull up her shirt and start sucking her tits. she grabs my balls and feels for something getting stiff. She unzipps my shorts and I have a nice semi by now. I sit her down on the commode and start to shove my cock in her mouth. She is not used to this kind of hard threatment but she is thicking about her boyfriend I shove my cock all the way down her throat making her gag. Then I pull out and attempt to put my balls in her mouth she refuses, I say have you ever sucked your boyfriends balls, she says no, I say then you have some things to learn about keeping your man happy. I drop my balls in her mouth and she sucks then. My dick is laysiung across her face, It looks so good their. I tell her to pull down her shorts will she sucks my balls, She asks you going to fuck my pussy, I Say no your boyfriend already has. I am going to fuck your ass and beat your boyfriend to it. Then you will have something new to give him. That will bring him back.

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